Take-Aways from 2020 – Family, Gratitude, and Perseverance

Who are our Heros

By Eliana Melmed

Bax and His Bubbles

By Dr Sonia E Amin


By Tina Shepardson

Real Magic

By Jedlie

My Breath Loves Me 

By Claire E Hallanan

We Don’t Cry We Try 

By Denisha Alphonse

Mr Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles

By Dr. Terrance Shipman 

Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free

By Lora L. Hyler

Samson’s Tail 

By Mercy Hansen Mize

Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck 

By Alison Paul Klakowicz

Rock & Roll Woods

By Sherry Howards