The Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael: #RWYK Certified Great Read

The Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

The Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael: #RWYK Certified Great Read -Book Review

Congratulations to Patty Mechael!

The Antidotes: Pollution Solution is our latest Certified great Read!




The Antidotes: Pollution SolutionJust when a group of fifth-grade friends is returning to normal life and to school after a global pandemic, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay have become polluted by a plastic-eating bacteria experiment gone wrong—and both fish and kids are getting sick!

Izi, Gir, and their friends go to science club and discover a fishy cover-up. The school has to close down again! These climate warriors who call themselves the Antidotes join forces with public health activists to find clean water solutions. The friends use STEM strategies to help save the earth from a potential disaster—they also have secret meetings, do a little spy work, and make some useful discoveries.

The Antidotes race against the clock to get out the word to kids around the world about how to stay safe. But—will the Antidotes be able to get enough kids to achieve zero plastic use before it makes any more fish or children sick? Join the Antidotes in their first science adventure, and stay tuned for more stories to come!


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About the author

Dr. Patricia (Patty) Mechael is a mom, writer, and public health specialist whose writing combines her passions for technology and science with a desire to inspire children. Patty has wrestled with difficult public health and societal issues, including the environment, responsible technology and AI, pandemic preparedness, and mental health. Patty holds a PhD in Public Health and Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Master of Health Science in International Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.


Visit Patty Mechael’s website to learn more about her work. Additionally, you can learn more about HealthEnabled’s activities.







The Antidotes: Pollution Solution is an exciting and educational book by public health expert and scientist Dr. Patty Mechael that follows a group of fifth-graders as they navigate the challenges of a post-pandemic world. Just as they are settling back into school and normal life, they discover that the Chesapeake Bay has been contaminated by a failed plastic-eating bacteria experiment. Both the fish and the children in the area are falling ill due to the pollution.

The young protagonists, Izi, Gir, and their friends, belong to a science club where they uncover a cover-up related to the contamination. As a result, the school is forced to close again. Determined to find solutions, the friends join forces with public health activists and become the “Antidotes,” a group of climate warriors committed to tackling environmental issues.

Using their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills, the Antidotes embark on a mission to save the Earth from a potential disaster. They hold secret meetings, conduct some spy work, and make important discoveries along the way. The clock is ticking as they race to spread awareness among kids worldwide about the importance of staying safe and reducing plastic use.

Will the Antidotes be able to rally enough children to achieve zero plastic use and prevent further harm to the environment and human health? Readers are invited to join the Antidotes on their science adventure and follow their journey to find out. The Antidotes: Pollution Solution is the first book in a series that promises more exciting stories to come.

Through this engaging narrative, young readers are encouraged to explore environmental issues, problem-solving, and teamwork. The book combines scientific exploration with elements of mystery and adventure, providing an enjoyable reading experience while promoting environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Join the Antidotes on their quest to make a difference and stay tuned for their upcoming adventures!


Final Verdict

The Antidotes: Pollution Solution” is an excellent resource for middle schoolers, as it combines storytelling with a compelling social message, fostering a generation of environmentally conscious and socially engaged young individuals. A must have for your school or classroom library!



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