The Cookie by Daylon & Manny Showalter: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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The Cookie by Daylon & Manny Showalter: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Daylon & Manny Showalter!


The Cookie is our latest Certified great Read!




Lauren has the difficult decision of upholding traditional beliefs and value systems that have been taught by her parents, OR giving into what her school crush Robbie wants…”The Cookie!” In an ideal world Lauren would take heed to her parents warnings about sex, but peer pressure and her infatuation with Robbie is making her challenge everything she knew to be true. Guys are nothing but trouble or are they? Read the story of Lauren and Robbie to see what decision she will make.


About the Authors

Manny Showalter has a bachelor’s degree in business. He is an author, entrepreneur, as well as a motivational speaker. He has developed a program for teenagers and young adults that will teach them about fi nancial literacy, paying for college, addictions and bad habits, teenage pregnancies, among many other things( Manny Showalter is passionate about reaching the youth. He is the founder of Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation (, the inventor of protect your egg–head protection for sports (, and the owner of Mandaylan Production, which writes television and movie treatments for the entertainment industry.

Daylon Showalter is currently attending college studying psychology and is an actor-model and writer, represented by one of the top talent agencies in Atlanta, GA. Daylon currently sits on the board of Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation. Also he has directed the web series Girl Talk Bistro.



The Cookie by Daylon & Manny Showalter follows the story of  a young girl named Lauren who is facing a difficult decision between upholding traditional beliefs taught by her parents and giving in to the desires of her school crush, Robbie. The story revolves around the conflict between adhering to parental guidance and succumbing to peer pressure and infatuation.

The premise raises questions about the choices we make when faced with conflicting influences, and the exploration of themes like personal values, peer pressure, and the challenges of navigating relationships. The outcome of Lauren’s decision will likely drive the narrative forward and provide insights into her character growth and the consequences of her choice.

It could be an interesting narrative exploring topics such as individual autonomy, the role of external influences in decision-making, the importance of communication and open dialogue between generations, and the complexities of relationships and personal growth. designed with the intention of facilitating communication, learning, and development between parents and children. Using a fun and informative approach, these books likely aim to engage young readers while also imparting important life lessons and knowledge.

Books can be powerful tools for fostering meaningful conversations between parents and children. By providing a platform for discussion, “The Cookie Children Books” may encourage open dialogue about various topics, helping children navigate the different stages of life with guidance and understanding from their parents.

Using a combination of storytelling, engaging characters, and valuable lessons, this book could create opportunities for parents and kids to explore important themes together. This can include topics like emotions, relationships, personal values, decision-making, and more, all in a format that is relatable and enjoyable for children.

By incorporating educational elements in an entertaining way, “The Cookie Children Book” may help kids grasp and internalize important concepts and principles while also strengthening the bond between parents and their kids.

Final Verdict

The topic of sexual education is challenging to discuss with kids. The Cookie by Daylon & Manny Showalter skillfully approaches this subject in the veiled context of sharing cookies to make it age-appropriate and enable parents to talk to their kids about it without feeling awkward.

Stories like Lauren and Robbie’s can spark meaningful discussions about significant issues when they are supported by sensible guidance from parents, guardians, or educators. This may improve adolescent self-awareness, critical thinking abilities, empathy, and comprehension of the bigger picture of their lives.

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