The Frame-Up by Wendy McLeod MacKnight – RWYK Interview

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In Conversation With Wendy McLeod MacKnight – Author of The Frame-Up 

Hello, our dear listeners! Today, we’re ELATED to welcome back author Wendy McLeod MacKnight to talk about her latest middle-grade mystery, THE FRAME-UP.

To learn more about the inspiration and hard work that went into The Frame-Upwe reached out to Wendy for an interview. In this episode, Wendy talks about what attracted her to the middle-grade genre, what inspired this art gallery mystery, her inspiration for her story & much more. Tune in now!

Get to Know Wendy McLeod MacKnight

Wendy McLeod MacKnightWendy McLeod MacKnight grew up in a magical small town with a library card as her prized possession. Over the course of her professional life, she’s been responsible for early childhood and child welfare programming and ended her public service career as head of the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Education. One day she woke up and decided it was time to pursue her life-long dream of writing books for children. It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! is her debut novel and any resemblance to the author, her brother, or her friends is purely intentional.

Her second novel, The Frame-Up, will be published June 5th, 2018 by Greenwillow Books.

Wendy lives in New Brunswick, Canada with her family, her garden, and a family of raccoons. She reads too much and maybe overly fond of chocolate, the BeeGees and belly laugh.


More about The Frame-Up

The Frame-UpWhen Sargent Singer discovers that the paintings in his father’s gallery are alive, he is pulled into a captivating world behind the frame that he never knew existed.

Filled with shady characters, devious plots, and a grand art heist, this inventive mystery-adventure celebrates art and artists and is perfect for fans of Night at the Museum and Blue Balliett’s Chasing Vermeer.

There’s one important rule at the Beaverbrook Gallery—don’t let anyone know the paintings are alive. Mona Dunn, forever frozen at thirteen when her portrait was painted by William Orpen, has just broken that rule. Luckily twelve-year-old Sargent Singer, an aspiring artist himself, is more interested in learning about the vast and intriguing world behind the frame than he is in sharing her secret.

And when Mona and Sargent suspect shady dealings are happening behind the scenes at the gallery, they set out to find the culprit. They must find a way to save the gallery—and each other—before they are lost forever.

With an imaginative setting, lots of intrigues, and a thoroughly engaging cast of characters, The Frame-Up will captivate readers of Jacqueline West’s The Books of Elsewhere.

Includes a 16-page full-color insert showcasing the real paintings featured in the book.

THE FRAME-UP comes out June 5, 2018. You can pick up a copy at your favorite independent bookstore or anywhere else books are sold. Click the Amazon link below to get your copy today!


In this episode,

  • Wendy describes the storyline & main characters of her book
  • What inspired her to write the book and what were her goals and intentions in this book
  • What inspired this art gallery mystery?
  • More about the paintings featured in the book and/or about the real-life Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
  • What would Wendy like readers to take away from this book?
  • Hear her talk about her upcoming books & more….


Thank you, Wendy for joining us and for sharing your wonderful stories with us!


If you’d like to find out more about Wendy and her books visit

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Twitter: @wendymacknight


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