The Great Maritini

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The Great Maritini!!!

Bilingual Edition With Free Magic Kit

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The Great Maritini is the hilarious, award winning story about Sam, a lovable but far from perfect magician. He is known throughout the land as The Great Maritini. Despite his many on stage mishaps Sam never gives up on himself, and as a result of that grit and resolve is able to dazzle audiences with his amazing transformations.

“A wonderful and amusing story about a magician for whom things have a tendency to go wrong from time to time. Beautifully written with a nice message at the end.” – Five Star Amazon Review

Sam also has a kind heart and  can not walk away from anyone in need. He soon learns that the greatest transformation is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being.

The respected web site recently added The Great Maritini to their compilation of books that teach children kindness. The web site said The Great Maritini is “fun and adorable, this story shows a wonderful transformation of thoughtfulness into action and of courage into triumphs—a book that encourages kids to be kind and brave.” The site went on to say that what makes this book great is that it “reminds children that each of us plays a part in keeping our homes, neighborhood, and school safe, clean, and happy. It serves as a great tool for children to start taking responsibility over their actions.” The Great Maritini!!! has also received Story Monsters Approval!!!

“I LOVE THIS BOOK! I think it is a beautiful story for preschoolers and young children. The artwork IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Illustrator does a great job of setting the environment for the story & It made the story really come to life. Its a positive and easy to follow story for young children as Jedlie has used the simple & fun language to make it more entertaining and engaging to young kids.” – Five Star Amazon Review

Purchase your bilingual English / Spanish Edition of The Great Maritini for Only $15.00 & Get Jedlie’s Spectacular Magic Kit Free!!!

This wonderful and fun story has been a highlight of Jedlie’s live show for many years. This brand new, bilingual English/Spanish print version of that skit is a wonderful way to remind kids that we have a responsibility to respond when we see someone in need. In addition to this fun story the book also features coloring pages, a maze and a challenge that will have kids thinking of ways they can help others. This is a great way to empower kids to understand they matter and can make a difference in the world.


And when you buy the book you will receive Jedlie’s Spectacular Magic Kit. This kit comes with 3 great, easy to perform magic tricks, along with a book that will teach you how to perform 50 amazing magic tricks!!!