The Pony Cart (Reba & Katherine Book 3) by Gail Gritts

Children’s Author Gail Gritts return on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast – The Pony Cart (Reba & Katherine Book 3)

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Joining us today is the children’s author Gail Gritts in a one-on-one conversation with our host Jed Doherty. If you are a regular listener of the podcast then you would know that Gail has been on the podcast earlier to talk about children’s book, Messy Hair Game, that released in December 2017. Messy Hair Game is the first of three published stories about Reba and Katherine. Grandpa’s Gift and The Pony Cart complete the threesome. Gail is joining us back to celebrate the latest book in the Reba & Katherine book series titled The Pony Cart.

In our interview, Gail tells us everything about The Pony Cart, from the story to the main characters, describes her journey as a writer, What inspired her story. Gail has some importance of sharing and cherishing our warm childhood memories and how to create them for your kids. Tune in to learn some interesting facts about her story and her childhood experiences. Listen and hear what Gail has to say – you will be amazed!


Here’s More Information About Gail Gritts

Gail Gritts

Gail grew up deep in the heart of the Ozarks where she had a happy childhood full of adventure and enjoyed hearing her grandparents recount family history and shenanigans.
Life led her to England where she and her husband Tom raised their own family of five. While living abroad, they created a vibrant and happy home maintaining family ties as they shared tales of life on the farm and the love of grandparents with their children.

Today, though she still lives in England, she relishes the opportunity to keep the tradition of storytelling, including the mishaps and adventures of Reba and Katherine, with her thirteen grandchildren. Messy Hair Game is the first of three published stories about Reba and Katherine. Grandpa’s Gift and The Pony Cart complete the threesome.

Gail has been a freelance writer for many years writing magazine articles and devotional materials.


Where Can People Find Gail On The Internet?

Her website:





The Pony Cart (Reba & Katherine Book 3)

The Pony Cart by Gail Gritts Reba and Katherine invite their friend Melody for a play day, but when they go for a pony cart ride, things don’t work out as they planned.


The Pony Cart is now available on Amazon!





In This Episode, We Discuss

  • Gail introduces her latest book in the Reba & Katherine Book series, The Pony Cart
  • More about The Pony Cart & where did Gail get the idea for her book
  • Gail’s publishing process and how sharing her childhood stories with her granddaughters inspired her to write this book
  • Why childhood memories are the most outstanding
  • Gail discusses her upcoming projects & some fun facts about her book. Be sure to tune in & catch all the fun. Happy Listening!


A big thank you to Gail for joining us and for sharing her story!

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