The Possum’s Tale

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The Possum’s Tale

Reading With Your kids Podcast Interview with Kara Peterson

What makes you special? How do YOU show it?

The Possum’s Tale is a work of art that your family will cherish for generations!

We are so excited for you to meet Kara Peterson, author of a series of books and apps starting with the soon-to-be released, “The Possum’s Tail”. She is also a teacher, wife, and mother to two man-children.
Tired of seeing families distancing themselves from each other with electronics, She wanted to use the power of technology to bring families together. Her app aims to do just that!

Listen as Kara shares “The Possum’s Tail” deals with bullying and it can spark a lot of conversation about bullying. The classic tale of how the possum got his tail is retold. In this telling, the story rhymes, has hidden images to find, fabulous facts about possums, and this telling emphasises how we all have something special and wonderful to share, even if it is different. The book is limited to 1,000 copies, ever. Each is numbered and signed by the author and illustrator. This is the first in the series, so make sure you have the first in this beautiful collector’s series!

Stay tuned as Kara talks about her purpose behind  writing all the stories in fun why series, she also shares how  each story answers, in some way, “Why” because when her children were little this seemed to be an important question. Listen as she talks about other books in her series and shares that her second book is an underlying theme about disabilities and overcoming them. Her stories are rich in meaning and enchanting.  Be sure to listen to this episode & enjoy! 

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