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#RWYK Great Read #Review – “The Remarkable Story Of Willie The Crow” by Linda Harkey & illustrated by Mike Minick 

5 stars

Hello dear readers,

It’s time again to celebrate a brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read! Get ready to inspire your little ones with this sweet and educational picture book The Remarkable Story Of Willie The Crow written by Linda Harkey and illustrated by Mike Minick.

The Remarkable Story Of Willie The Crow is an exciting story told from a hunting dog’s point of view. We hope you and your family enjoy reading about this fun adventure as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb


The Remarkable Story Of Willie The Crow
by Linda Harkey, illustrated by Mike Minick

The pack at the Lazy Dog Hacienda in Oklahoma includes five dogs: Doc, the oldest and wisest; Zeke, his annoying younger brother; Patch, Doc’s daughter; Rush, Doc’s son; and Newt, a black Lab who is part of the family.

One day, when Doc and Patch are napping on the porch, a young black crow swoops down and lands on Patch’s head. This is how the dogs meet Willie, a crow with bad eyesight who becomes the particular friend of Patch. Although the other dogs don’t like Willie very much, Doc knows Patch can learn a lot about birds by playing with the crow. Then one day, Patch accidentally falls into the swimming pool and isn’t able to get out. Doc and Zeke can’t swim, so Willie is sent to find Newt to rescue Patch. Will he make it in time?

Featuring fun color illustrations, this children’s story shares how a pack of hunting dogs and an extraordinary crow become friends and learn from one another.


More about Linda Harkey

Linda HarkeyLinda Harkey is a past teacher and an enthusiastic hunting dog owner for over 30 years. She has been involved as a docent with the writing of curricula for children’s programs. This has given her the ability to teach elementary children about art, history, animals, and nature. Harkey has been published in magazine articles and has recently written a series of books featuring a lovable hunting dog named Doc and the adventures of the pack. She has two children (Owen and Morgan), one daughter-in-law (Carrie), and three grandchildren (Austin, Averie, and Alec), along with dogs. She lives with her husband (Michael) on Ocate Mesa in New Mexico.

New additions to Linda Harkey’s Docs Dog Days series are available on her website! Continue the adventures of Doc and the gang by clicking on the link below!


Our Review

An amazing story of different creatures that help each other, comfort each other, learn from each other and are friends”


The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow is a picture book written by Linda Harkey and is a part of her Hickory Docs’ Tale series. All the books in the Hickory Docs Tale series follows the fun adventures of the pack of five hunting dogs: Doc, the oldest and wisest; Zeke, his annoying little brother; Patch, Doc’s daughter; Rush, Doc’s son; and Newt, a black Lab who is part of the family. The story is narrated by Chicoree’s Hickory Doc, a German shorthaired pointer who lives with his family at the Lazy Dog Hacienda on Shorthair Boulevard in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Hickory Doc's Tales Series by Linda Harkey


The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow is the delightful tale of adventure and unexpected animal friendship. It’s a quick read with some adorable illustrations by Mike Minick. The story begins when a young black crow, with bad eyesight, falls down and lands on Patch’s head when she is taking a nap on the porch with her father, Doc. Willie appreciates Patch’s gesture of flipping him over and patch finds him quite funny. Although it seemed unlikely that they could ever be friends, they spent their days together doing all sorts of wonderful things: Playing for hours at the Lazy Dog Hacienda, chasing each other, Willie slamming into the playhouse with a hard thud and Patch turning his right side up again. However, not everyone was happy with their friendship especially Docs younger brother Zeke. They thought a hunting dog should not be playing with a crow but Doc insisted that patch can learn about birds by playing with Willie.

Patch and Willie continued playing together. They agreed on everything until Patch dared Willie to chase her by the swimming pool. Willie thought it could be dangerous as Patch can’t swim but Patch was adamant on playing this risky game. As Willie started flying over the swimming pool, patch started running faster and fell in the pool. After much efforts by Willie and the Pack, Patch is saved from drowning. Patch and Willie continued playing together and towards the end of the story, readers will learn that Willie has three very important secrets which will be revealed in the sequel of this charming little book. Watch out for Linda’s Harkey’s upcoming books to find out what those secrets are all about?

The main lesson of the book is to celebrate the differences which will help children not only to be more accepting of others but also to accept themselves and their own strengths and weaknesses. The pictures are beautiful, and the text reminds children that different dog breeds exist for a reason. We love the unbridled enthusiasm that the author exhibits for the intelligence and talents of these hunting dogs.

Final Verdict

We LOVED how Linda has written the characters of her book and described the personality of each canine in detail, making it so much fun and educational for the young readers. The story shares how a pack of chasing hounds and an unusual crow become best friends and learn from each other. This book speaks from the point of view of Doc, in a language kids can understand, and when you combine that with illustrations that are simple, colorful, and incredibly charming, you get a book that is sure to become a favorite for any preschooler or elementary school-aged children.

The story, the message, and the illustrations- all together make it a wonderful book. Linda Harkey has 3 books in this little ‘series’. These are definitely worth checking out!


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A big thank you to author Linda Harkey for providing us a free copy of her book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.


In case, if you’ve missed, Be sure to check out Linda Harkey’s appearance on the podcast!

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