The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story by J R Buchta: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story by J R Buchta: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

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The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story by J R Buchta


The Wonderful Once: A Christmas StoryA little boy goes on a fantastic Christmas adventure in this story of a kind gesture that results in a magical journey.

It’s an all-around feel-good story with a surprise ending and a powerful message.

Brought to life by beautiful illustrations, this enchanting tale captures the spirit of Christmas and the magic of a single good deed that changed the world forever. It has all the makings of an annual read for families at Christmastime and a fresh look at some age-old traditions that will surely pique the interest of readers.


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About the Author

J R Buchta, author of The Wonderful OnceJohn Buchta was born and raised in Philadelphia PA.

As a youngster he expressed an interest in music and spent most of his early life in the performing arts as a singer-songwriter. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he entered the business world and made a career in marketing for various entrepreneurial ventures.

His interest in writing took a turn towards children’s books when his grandchildren were born, and he recognized the power of their imaginations and their enjoyment of reading. His writing is inspired by memories of his childhood and the spirit of his father’s character and penchant for a good story or poem.

Today, he resides in Bucks County PA with his wife.


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The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story is written by J R Buchta and is beautifully illustrated by Erin O’Leary Brown. The Wonderful Once is a heartwarming tale that takes readers on a magical journey filled with generosity, kindness, and the transformative power of selflessness. The story unfolds in a small village nestled in a peaceful valley, where the simple joys of life are celebrated.

The author paints a vivid picture of the close-knit community, where villagers engage in lively festivities, children play in the streets, and a special school cares for those without homes. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of a quaint village, making it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the charming setting.

The turning point of the story occurs during the annual winter festival when Lucas, the youngest child, experiences the joy of giving. The moment he selflessly offers his cherished sleigh to a new girl at the school sets the stage for a magical transformation. The introduction of the Spirit of Giving adds a touch of enchantment to the narrative, guiding Lucas on a path to fulfill his dream of bringing happiness to children worldwide.

The story unfolds with a perfect blend of warmth, wonder, and a touch of magic. The character development of Lucas is heartening, as readers witness his growth from a young boy to the embodiment of generosity as Santa Claus. The inclusion of Elves and a flying sleigh adds an element of fantasy that enhances the overall charm of the narrative.

The pace is appropriate for a touching children’s book, and the prose is interesting. The story expertly incorporates themes of kindness, generosity, and the joy of giving, making it an excellent read for both kids and adults. The tale is timeless and reflects the true essence of the holiday season because of its uplifting message and energy.

The enchanting narrative of “The Wonderful Once” is brought to life through the captivating illustrations by Erin O’Leary Brown. Her artistic talent adds a visual dimension to the heartwarming story, making it an ideal choice for family read-aloud sessions, especially during the holiday season.

Brown’s illustrations complement the magical elements of the tale, from the cozy village scenes to the moment when Lucas presents his sleigh to the new girl. The attention to detail and the vibrant use of color contribute to the overall warmth and charm of the story. Each illustration seems to dance with the spirit of the season, evoking a sense of wonder and joy that perfectly aligns with the themes of the narrative.


Final Verdict

Overall, The Wonderful Once is a heartwarming tale of Giving and Magic. The collaborative work of Erin O’Leary Brown and the author brings forth a book that is not only a joy to read but also a pleasure to behold. “The Wonderful Once” with its enchanting story and captivating illustrations is a treasure for families looking to create cherished holiday traditions through shared reading experiences.




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