Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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#RWYK Great Read #Review –Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet by Melissa Lyons 

5 stars


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Melissa LyonsUntil We Meet Again by Melissa Lyons

If you’re looking for ways to spend some quality time with your kids this festive season – we’ve got you covered! There’s nothing to beat a good old Storytime when it comes to spending quality time with kids. Reading with your kids is an activity that forges a deep bond. And our brand NEW Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read will have your kids go bananas – in a good way!

We’re thrilled to announce that Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet written by Melissa Lyons & illustrated by Patricia Henderson has been named a RWYK Certified Great Read with complete 5 stars!

Read on to learn all about Until We Meet Again. We hope you love reading the review as much as we enjoyed writing it!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet by Melissa Lyons

Until We Meet Again, is a heartwarming story of loss, unconditional love, and hope. Written from the perspective of a beloved pet who has moved on and whimsically illustrated, readers, are guided to feel memories, cry if they wish and then move towards living their life deliberately with joy and love.



Until We Meet Again is now available on Amazon!

Amazon Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/0995949123?ref=myi_title_dp (this will be in stock in a few days)

Amazon USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/0995949123?ref=myi_title_dp


Here’s more information about Melissa Lyons

Melissa LyonsAllowing a dream to unfold…

For as long as I can remember, I have desired to comfort people and help them identify and achieve their goals. Most of us are caught in the web of worry over the issues and problems we face daily. Some of us have experienced loss of loved ones, loss of employment or other setbacks. I believe the key to living joyously is to deliberately discover the power of conscious living and being in the moment. I am able to provide clarity and support thanks to a radical sabbatical from work which should have been three months but morphed itself into thirty months ultimately becoming a voyage of discovery and enlightenment.

During this journey, I experienced a genuine download of wisdom and one tangible result is my book, ‘I Will Always Love You’, which deals with loss but is actually about living fully and whole-heartedly. Encouraged by reactions from readers and audiences who acknowledge that ‘I Will Always Love You’ is revolutionizing the way people look at life, living and loss, I am focused on teaching how to cultivate trust, so we are empowered to live our lives with gratitude and joy. In addition to bringing ‘I Will Always Love You’ and its messages to the world I am currently working on ‘I Love You Already’ and ‘I Still Love You’ to add to the series of ‘Loving Guidance’ stories and lessons.


Finally, where can we find more about Melisa & her books?

Her website: www.melissa-lyons.com

Connect with her on Social Media 

Twitter    Instagram    Facebook    YouTube


Our Review

“If your child is losing or has lost a pet, this is the book they should have!”

Are you grieving the loss of a pet? Or is someone you love experiencing pet loss bereavement?  Sharing a children’s picture book about the death of a pet can provide an opportunity for children to express their feelings when a beloved pet dies.

Grab a copy of Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet written by Melissa Lyons and illustrated by Patricia Henderson, if your sadness is causing you–or someone you love– to become isolated, depressed and unable to find peace-of-mind. Melissa’s book is a very unique pet bereavement book written in the style of a poem, in the voice of the pet that has passed, will provide comfort to children and their families when a dog, cat or other pet dies. Until We Meet Again is a heartwarming book that reassures children that even though they can’t always be with a loved one, they’re always in each other’s hearts. The author helps address the feelings and emotions around death and loss and portrays several stages of grief in easy and simple to understand words for little ones. Overall, the book brings peace and comfort and celebrates the love and lessons learned.

A group of animals in a full-page acrylic painting that provides a joyous and childlike view of animal heaven, is the cover of Until We Meet Again. The book begins: “There’s a place in my heart where you will always be, and it’s full of memories of just you and me. Wet kisses and snuggles, my nose on your face, we’ve shared many memories we’ll always embrace.”

This book reflects on just the right elements of the relationship. Pet in the book reminds the owner of the wonderful memories that they made together, pet advice his owner to accept the loss and to hold their happy memories in his heart, forever. He explains that sadness is normal, grief is okay, and that the pet you loved has moved on. This book provides the perfect amount of light in a dark time—in the form of a bright and vivid rainbow. The text and beautifully rendered illustrations by Patricia Henderson include animals, flowers, plants, and people.

Final Verdict

To anyone who has lost a much-loved pet, Until We Meet Again is a must to help you through the grieving process. We highly recommend it for children who have experienced, for the first time especially, the loss of a loved companion.

We’re so thankful to Melissa for taking the time to write and share this book with the world.


Congratulations to Melissa Lyons for winning the RWYK Certified Great Read StatusClapping Hands on Apple iOS 11.2Clapping Hands on Apple iOS 11.2Clapping Hands on Apple iOS 11.2


A big thank you to Melissa for providing us a free copy of this book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.


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