The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!

“A HUGE THANK YOU to Jedlie! / Jed Doherty for your amazing show “The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” My 4th graders were able to review and practice acts of respect and kindness during his amazing magic show and furthermore, to make connections with our school’s core value to practice empathy.”

Domenico Cardillo Scarfone, Teacher, Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


“The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” is Jedlie’s all new & totally interactive program created to be presented virtually. This exciting program motivates students to wake up every morning and choose to be respectful & kind to everyone they meet, every day, everywhere. In the show students learn that choosing to practice respect & kindness means they will choose to stand up for each other, respond to the needs of others, make everyone feel accepted and welcome, in person and online.

“Thank you so much for your virtual performance of “The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” Your story telling is a treasure! All students & teachers appreciated your message about unity. Your personality and unique tricks captured the attention of our large audience.”

Claire Halinan, Teacher, Silverdale Public Schools, Silverdale, WA.

Since 1983 former social worker & anti-bullying expert Jed Doherty has empowered over one million young people and adults by helping them to develop positive attitudes about themselves and others, to be respectful of themselves and their peers, to practice kindness, work cooperatively and to be inclusive. Doherty has created exciting and captivating character education assembly programs that use positive reinforcement, storytelling, music, comedy and magic to help audiences acknowledge the worth of every person. He is also the host of The Reading With Your Kids Podcast, an iHeartRadio Best Kids and Family Podcast Award Nominee, and The Solve It For Kids Podcast.

“Teachers & students are still raving about Jedlie’s performance of “The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” Great message, great magic & great fun!”

Nadine Popper, School Librarian, Amanda Stout School, Reading, PA

“The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” was written and created by Jed Doherty, a former licensed, certified social worker and his wife, Sonia Guerrios-Doherty, MEd., a veteran special needs teacher in the Boston Public Schools.

“The Magic Between Us Is Respect & Kindness!!!” is adaptable to be appropriate for students from Kindergarten through Grade 8. This virtual program is typically 30 to 45 minutes in length.


Parents of each student in attendance will be invited to download a free digital version of Jedlie’s Award Winning Children’s Book “REAL Magic!!!” This book tells the story of a very magical, and true, experience Jedlie had on stage, reminding students that real magic can happen when we choose to be respectful & kind. The digital book also features a number of fun and easy to learn magic lessons.

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