STEM Is Family Fun

Create A Rainbow Bridge With Whitney From The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum!


Get ready for an exciting STEM Is Family Fun experiment that’s as fun as it is educational! Today the Reading With Your Kids Podcast teams up with the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum to bring you an awesome hands-on activity that kids of all ages will love. In this engaging session, Jedlie and our co-host Monica Rivera Sosa along with the museum’s director of education, Whitney Raser, walk you through the fascinating world of simple chemistry with the “Rainbow Bridge” experiment. All you need are some paper towels, markers, clear glasses of water, and a ruler. Get ready to witness a captivating chemical reaction as colors defy gravity and create a beautiful rainbow effect. Jedlie, Monica and Whitney explore the concept of capillary action, where water defies gravity by traveling along the tiny cellulose tubes within paper towels. As you experiment, you’ll notice the rainbow spreading on the paper towel and even see a hint of chromatography, where different color components separate in the water. With easy-to-follow instructions and insightful explanations, this experiment not only provides a colorful visual spectacle but also teaches valuable STEM concepts in an engaging manner. Ready to dive into the world of hands-on learning? Check out the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum for more interactive STEM activities and upcoming events. Don’t forget to share your own experiment results on social media and tag us along with the museum to showcase your creative science endeavors. Get ready to unleash your inner scientist and discover the wonders of STEM with this fantastic Rainbow Bridge experiment!