Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Carolyn Nones Vazquez!

Kin is our latest certified great read!




Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez

Kin by Carolyn Nones VazquezGrace listens to a story told to her by her Grandmother. Her Grandmother shares her wisdom. Grace learns the leasons of nature and of the heart. The greatest lesson of all is that we are all “Kin”.

Nature is much more than beauty to admire.   Nature, animals, and plants teach children powerful lessons.  Grace learns lessons about life and about friendship.

Most of all, Grace’s Grandmother teaches Grace that goodness and love heal. Developing ourselves to see all people and living creatures as “Kin” will heal our societies.

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About the Author:

Carolyn Nones Vazquez - Author of KinCarolyn Nones Vazquez holds a Master of Arts Degree as well as a Master Of Science Degree.

In her free time, Carolyn can be found with her husband and family. They enjoy motorcycle road trips, art, music, reading, culinary pursuits, creative ventures and the great outdoors.

Carol Vazquez welcomes comments and questions at [email protected]

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The beauty of nature is breathtaking! It’s filled with magnificent and hidden wonders.

Our latest certified great read is about nature and its powerful impact on humanity. Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez is a spirited picture book that captures the majesty of the natural world, coupled with a fun narrative. In the book, Grace and her grandmother are depicted enjoying a great evening on their porch while taking in the scenery. Grandma decides to share a story on the bonds between people and the natural world and one another. She tells Grace that every living thing on earth is related to us. We all are “kin”. Granma shares a wealth of fascinating facts about the sunshine, the water, the earth, birds, and many animals such as Coyotes, eagles, bears, foxes, rabbits, and deer. Kids will learn what these animals represent and remind us of. Grace also learns that despite our diverse appearances, we are all the same. In God’s eyes, we are all equal.

With sparse writing and captivating illustrations, this book is suitable for kids of all ages. Kin communicates the importance for human families to live in harmony with wildlife creatures in the natural world. The message is clearly conveyed, and the illustrations are simple enough for kids to understand: When it comes to ecosystems, we humans, who value and safeguard human families, must follow suit by safeguarding plants, animals, and everything that shares this planet with us.

Kids who read books about nature develop a passion for learning and an understanding of the world we live in. They will be inspired to appreciate and respect nature after reading Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez. It’s a wonderful book that teaches children how to take care of and protect the environment. Kin by Carolyn Nones Vazquez touches on the subject of how crucial it is to take care of our world, its land, minerals, creatures, and their habitats.

Get your copy today and prepare yourself to be amazed by the wonders of nature!



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