Dachshunds in Moccasins & Wienies in Bikinis!!!

Dachshunds in Moccasins & Wienies in Bikinis!!! post thumbnail image

Dachshunds in Moccasins & Wienies in Bikinis!!!

Reading with Your kids Podcast starring Nadine Poper

Have you ever thought why library is important in school?  The school library equips students with lifelong learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens.

Today at reading with your kid’s podcast, we meet Nadine Poper, author of two funny children’s picture books featuring Dachshund dogs: Dachshunds in Moccasins and Weenies in Bikinis.

Nadine is also an elementary librarian for an urban PA school district. She has been an elementary school teacher for 16 years in reading before changing gears to become a librarian. She is also a foster home for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and often donate portions of her sales to the rescue. Surrounding herself all day with books and children to share them with is the best way to spend time for Nadine!

Dachshunds in Moccasins is a wonderful book & both children and adults will fall in love with this adorable tale about a dachshund who finds his forever home with a boy and his family, and acquires a special pair (or two) of cosy shoes. A delightful ending awaits the reader.

Wienies in Bikinis is a story of Holly, Dolly, and Molly. They are three dachshunds who love wearing proper dog attire. Then there is their friend Farfel. Will Farfel gather the confidence to be her own dog? An enjoyable story told in rhyme about friendship and standing up for yourself.

Tune in as Nadine shares what her books are all about, her love for Dachshunds, how she thought of those cute titles for her books, her experience of working as a children’s librarian and  & more.

Jed and Nadine also talk about importance of school libraries and how it plays a great role in the life of a student. Being an experienced librarian, Nadine also gives an important advice to all the parents about supporting the school libraries and getting involved in their children’s schools. Be sure to listen!

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