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#RWYK Fun Read #Review –Bubba the Busy Beaver written by Judi Folmsbee & illustrated by Marilyn Benton

The Buzz Is Real!!!

Bubba the Busy Beaver by Judi Folmsbee has been named a Reading with Your Kids certified Fun Read!

Want to teach your child the value of not giving up? then read Bubba the Busy Beaver to your kids to reinforce the value in not giving up, even when the task gets hard. Judi introduces children to little Bubba who demonstrates perseverance, who rebound after the first try doesn’t work, and who try again instead of collapsing at the thought of failing.

Read on to find out what we think about Judi’s book. We enjoyed reading Bubba the Busy Beaver and we hope you will too!



Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Bubba the Busy Beaver by Judi Folmsbee & Illustrated by  Marilyn Benton

Bubba the Busy Beaver

Have you ever felt like giving up because something was too hard to do? Bubba felt the same way, but he was in for a BIG surprise! Let’s see what we can learn from Bubba, the busy beaver.

You can buy a copy here –  Amazon    Barnes & Noble     Fruit Bearer


Get to know more about Judi Folmsbee

Judi Folmsbee is an educator, speaker, and writer. She has two children’s books published, Bubba theBusy Beaver and Preposterous Pebbles. Her latest, Ferica the Fast Frog, is busy getting the illustrator’s touch. And be sure to check back ofter as she has a few others in the works! Judi also writes devotional stories.

Judi Folmsbee, author

A retired teacher after 25 years in the Woodbridge School District, Greenwood De., she continues to be involved with the elementary school as a visiting presenter. She visits other area schools as well. She also can be seen at many community events such as: signing her books at Browseabout Books, Rehoboth Beach, De.; Jumping June Jamboree, Bridgeville, De.; Community Day in Greenwood, DE; Seaford Boys and Girls Club, Seaford, De.; Eagles Nest Christian Academy’s Community Day, Milton, De.; and the Holly Festival in Milton, De.

In addition, Judi has been a guest speaker and attends 1 Million Cups, developed by the Kaufman Foundation, and is hosted by Delaware Technical Community College in Georgetown, De. 1 Million Cups is a free program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs with their communities. It starts at 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. Wednesdays from September through May.

Oh, and by the way, if you have always wanted to write children’s books and didn’t know where to start, Judi teaches classes to those who want to learn.

When she isn’t writing, teaching, or speaking, Judi enjoys walking on the beach with her dog, Champy, taking photographs, relaxing with family, or traveling.

Where can you find Judi on the internet?

Her website: www.judifolmsbee.com

Follow her on Facebook


Our Review

Bubba, the Busy Beaver by Judi Folmsbee

Parents and Teachers, have you ever asked your kid to do something and they respond with the mantra, “I can’t!”? Frustrating, right? Bubba, the Busy Beaver responded in a similar way when his mother asked him to build a lodge on his own. This delightful picture book written by Judi Folmsbee and illustrated by Marilyn Benton helps teach kids to live up to their potential. It is a great way to introduce and teach children to have a growth mindset.

Bubba, the Busy Beaver features a cute little Bubba who is given an undertaking by his mom to construct a lodge on his own. He is sad in light of the fact that he preferred his old house and thinks building another home will require a great deal of work and isn’t sure if he can do it all alone. After his mother assures him that he can do it and urges him to start working and sticking to it. He decides to request help from his animal friends by showing them how to do it however none are able to help him. But just when he was about to give up, his mother and all of his animal friends’ arrives to give him a BIG surprise. Will Bubba be able to accomplish his goal? Read the book to find out!

Being able to stick with something to reach a desired goal or destination is such an essential skill for success in life. Child-friendly language and charming illustrations are a perfect combination in this story of hope, perseverance, and hard work as little Bubba attempts to build the house of his own. He fails more than once, even becoming so frustrated that he is about to give up. But determination wins the day. Bubba the Busy Beaver is perfect for opening up a conversation about perseverance and never giving up.

This book is a quick read with simple but expressive illustrations. Would work especially well as a boost before students embark on a difficult project or test. Would also be a great beginner for a discussion on anxiety, fear, and how to approach a difficult task.

Final Verdict

We recommend this book to families, school libraries and classroom libraries to teach children the importance of not giving up, no matter what you are trying to do!

Bubba the Busy Beaver

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