Author Interview: One-Of-A-Kindness

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Interview with Children’s Book Author Helen Hipp

Today is the day we have been waiting for! We’re excited to have an exceptional treat for you lucky listeners. Our special guest today, is the author Helen Hipp. Helen is both an author and an advocate for autism. She has created a series of books involving Rosie the Hippo which help children to embrace, instead of being emasculated, by their uniqueness. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Helen Hipp to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

Helen has announced her second book in the series that will be released on November 13, World Kindness Day.  A series written for ages four and up led by Rosie the pink Hippo, Rosie and Friends: One-Of-A-Kindness, is a value tale that helps children learn to appreciate themselves and others for their differences. Tune in to this episode to celebrate this World Kindness Day by sharing One-Of-A-Kindness with your kids!

Here’s more information about Helen Hipp

Helen Hipp’s experience raising a special needs child led her to an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a life coach. She began her career as a psychotherapist to help people find answers for their life problems. Her work eventually evolved into a coaching practice, WithinU Life Coaching, focusing on individuals with special needs and their families. Helen uses her 13+ years of counseling experience and 20+ years’ experience as a successful advocate for individuals with special needs by helping them reveal their innate ability to solve difficult situations.

Her debut children’s book, A Different Kind of Safari, released in 2013 addresses the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities. Once again, the engaging safari family, led by Rosie the Pink Hippo inspires, and help you see your life differently in her new book, Rosie and Friends Positively Different. With a cast characters experiencing real-life issues such as anxiety, fear, physical differences and poor self-esteem, Helen Hipp’s adventure books provide children with the opportunity to identify, understand and feel supported by the characters handling of similar fears, interests, and concerns.

More about One-Of-A-Kindness

The Rosie Adventure series are unique books, inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime trip led by the author’s father to Africa with her 14-year old son Ray, who has special needs. Helen Hipp has created a very effective way to teach children the value of seeing things as they appear compared to how they really are. She presents the issue of being different from other children in a way that children can relate to and understand – how to find happiness in spite of the challenges everyone faces.

Embark on a new safari with Hornsby the rhino as he comes face-to-face with losing his sense of belonging. No longer accepted by his herd, Hornsby searches for companionship. With the help of his new buddies, Hornsby learns that his life is one of a kind, and that spreading his kindness is a good way to make new friends!

In this episode

  • Helen explains and gives us a brief description of her book & how her children’s adventure books are based on some unusual true-life experiences
  • Listen in as she describes the main characters of her book Rosie and Friends
  • She tells us how her book helps parents talk to kids about kindness and empathy
  • Shares her insights on what it’s really like to raise a child with Autism, some interesting facts about her books & more…Be sure to tune in!

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Readers can connect with Helen Hipp here

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