Caterpillar and Snail: Go on a Big Adventure

Caterpillar and Snail: Go on a Big Adventure post thumbnail image

Caterpillar and Snail: Go on a Big Adventure

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview with Author Ellen Jenny Watkins


Blog post written by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, Reading With Your Kids Podcast

I believe parents have the toughest job they’ll ever love. Their duty as a parent is not only to provide the basic care, love and affection for their children but also to prepare their children to enter the world. In my opinion, that is the toughest, most challenging aspect of parenthood possible. It is important to teach kids to dream big and change the world! It will definitely help them grow, build skills and discover what they are capable of accomplishing. It is important to encourage your children and empower them to dream big, think outside the box and motivate them to achieve their desired goals in life.

In Today’s Episode, we are going to talk about a wonderful book which beautifully captures the imagination and inspires us to take risks, be more adventurous, connect with the world around us and see it with beauty and to dream big. Caterpillar and Snail conveys a powerful message not only to young children, but to the parents that reads this story to them. A timeless message that is true for any age!

It’s a beautiful day and caterpillar & snail want to something different, something BIG. Caterpillar and Snail tells the tale of what happens when we discover that no adventure is too big or too small to undertake if it’s what you’re called to do.
The underlying story of friendship serves as the backdrop for the larger message; there is much to be discovered about life and ourselves when we set out to follow our hearts even when we don’t have all the answers or the perfect plan.

Ellen Jenny Watkins is an author of Caterpillar and Snail and her mission is to create a million nuggets of happiness in this world by creating fun art, and helping busy parents connect with their children and the important people in their lives. Because when we touch those around us with happiness, they take that forward to their circles and it helps heal the world.

I think you are going to enjoy meeting Ellen and your kids are going to love following caterpillar & snail as they they adventure across the yard and learn important life lessons about friendship, completing big things and having Fun!

Click here to visit Ellen’s web page

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