Christy Monson on “Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen”

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Author Christy Monson on “Love, Hugs, and Hope”, Talking to Children About Tragedies & Other News Events

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After any tragedy, parents and other adults struggle with what they should tell and share with kids and what not to say or share with them. Talking to your kids about tragedies can be difficult, but it’s important. In today’s special episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, we have an author and a retired family therapist, Christy Monson, to talk to us about her picture book Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen that answers all your questions about how to talk to children about tragedies and, how talking to them can help your child feel more secure and understand more about the world, too.

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Learn more about Christy Monson

Christy MonsonChristy Monson has always loved pioneer history, especially stories of the prophets. She received her B.A degree from Utah State University and an M.S. from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. After her six children were raised she established a successful Marriage and Family Therapy practice. She has published articles in the Ensign, Friend and other children’s periodicals.

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Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen

Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things HappenWritten after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Love, Hugs, and HopeWhen Scary Things Happen is an invaluable tool for helping children identify feelings that overwhelm them with anxiety and despair. Author Christy Monson guides readers through emotions of fear, sadness, and anger, then lends constructive and practical ideas for how to manage such feelings and seek comfort. Lori Nawyn’s engaging illustrations help young children understand that hope is only a hug away.

Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen is now available on Amazon!


In this episode, you’ll discover

  • More about Christy Monson and her children’s book Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen
  • The motivation behind writing this book
  • Christy advises parents, teachers and other adults on how to talk about the violence or tragedies around us with their children by listening and responding honestly and consistently.
  • Upcoming projects and some interesting facts about her book.


A big Thank You to Christy Monson for talking to us and sharing her passion of writing with our listeners!


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