Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring George Neeb – Author of “Flabby Abby Beach Ball”

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast,  we’re talking about helping kids deal with Bullies. Bullying is a serious and distressing experience but unfortunately, bullying is a common part of childhood. So when we were drumming up ideas for who to have on the podcast for this episode, We knew one thing for sure: We wanted to talk to George Neeb.

When it comes to teaching kids to stand up to their bullies, there can be a confusing array of choices. In this episode, George Neeb talks about his new picture book titled Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself. He also shares with us some of the most popular methods to help you find the right way for your child to shut bullies down and to believe in themselves.

Looking for a perfect picture book to teach your kids how to deal with bullies Listen and hear what George Neeb thinks – you might be surprised!


Here’s more information about George Neeb

George NeebGeorge Neeb lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He has taught elementary school for over 25 years and especially enjoys teaching Visual Art. He can usually be found walking along the Grand River, traveling to new places, learning about history and art, spending time at his cabin by a lake, and enjoying his family.

Finally, where can we find Miso on the internet?

Visit his website: https://georgeneeb.ca/

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Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself

“Abby Beech loved dressing up in superhero style! With her mask, long cape and tights, she always had a smile!”

“Neeb’s illustrations are imaginative, original and grand fun…” – Readers’ Favorite

Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being YourselfAbby Beech wants to be a superhero. She loves running around her neighborhood in her cape and tights. But her mother would rather Abby act like other girls her age and the kids at Abby’s new school tease her for being different. Until one day when Abby’s heroic actions make her instantly popular and everything changes!

Meet lovable Abby as she learns to deal with bullying, body shaming, self-esteem and making healthy friendships in a rhyming story with colorful cut and dyed paper illustrations!

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In this episode of theReading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll find out:

  • What is Flabby Abby Beach Ball all about? George shares the storyline and describes the main character of his book
  • What inspired George to address the subject of bullying through his book?
  • What kind of conversations parents and children can have after reading  Flabby Abby Beach Ball?
  • George’s journey from teaching elementary school to writing and illustrating his first picture book.
  • George gives us a peek inside his upcoming books & some interesting facts about his story.



A big Thank You to George Neeb for joining us! Glad you all could join us for today’s guest interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and we look forward to introducing you to some great guests in our next episode.


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Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!


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