I brought a Hodag to School

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I brought a Hodag to School

Reading with your kids podcast Starring Thomas Barnett

Do you believe in the Hodag? Come join us as we discover the truth behind this creature along with our wonderful guest Thomas Barnett. He joins us today to talk about his long awaited book about the mythical Hodag called “I bought a Hodag to school”!!

Thomas Barnett is a professional cartoonist and award-winning illustrator. He has worked with clients all over the world, providing first class illustrations for children’s books, nationally syndicated magazines, Apps, publishing companies and self-published authors. He recently won an award for his illustration work in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He is a proud member of the prestigious National Cartoonists Society. “I brought a Hodag to school” is the first book he has authored AND illustrated. While painting a mural of a Hodag on a wall at his son’s school, the character just came to life in his head and the story started to write itself. The book has been a huge success and has encouraged him to write a series of Hodag books. Tom has been bitten by the writing bug and plans to produce many more stories!

In this episode of Reading with your kid’s podcast, Thomas shares his insights on his books, his passion of being a cartoonist and his life story of hardship and struggle and coming out as a winner.  His story is an inspiration to one and all and gives a wonderful message that hardship and failure can lead to success by cultivating the right skills along the way.

“I bought a Hodag to school” revolves around Tony who is late for school and stumbles upon a Northwoods resident that is not often seen. A brilliant plan develops and Tony brings his new friend to school for show and tell! It turns into an adventurous day filled with fun!

Listen as Thomas shares “I brought a Hodag home” is the long awaited sequel to “I bought a Hodag to school” and ready is for your reading enjoyment!! This time around, Tony brings his furry friend home to live but, soon realises that maybe a human house is not the best place for a homesick Hodag! This book is filled with fun and engaging pictures. Stay tuned as Thomas describes how Hodag looks like and the history behind this notorious monster!! You’ll be sure to LOVE this episode.

If you’d like to read more about Thomas Barnett and his books, check out his Facebook page.


I wouldn’t bring a Hodag to school, but thousands of schools have brought Jedlie to their school to inspire their students to be kind. Visit www.jedlie.com to find out how to bring him to your community

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