Introducing “Buddy the Bear” by Victoria Allen

Introducing “Buddy the Bear” by Victoria Allen post thumbnail image

RWYK Interview with Victoria Allen – Buddy the Bear


RWYK Interview with Victoria Allen - Buddy the BearWe are super excited to welcome Victoria Allen, a new children’s book author from Georgetown, SC.

Victoria attended Winthrop University where she graduated with a degree in Business. Victoria is continuously inspired by the world around her and enjoys bringing Buddy the Bear adventures to spark the imagination of all her readers!

In our exciting chat with Victoria, we talk about her inspiration for writing and illustrating Buddy the Bear, Why is it was important for her to write a picture book about children’s bedtime routine, and what does she hope her readers will take away from her book!

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More about Buddy The Bear

Buddy the BearAs the sun went down and the moon appeared, Buddy did not fear the dark because he has a special Goodnight Box. It is filled with goodies that help him sleep. As Buddy the bear was preparing for bed, something very special was missing! Will he find it and make it back in time for his bedtime story? Blast off with Buddy on his newest adventure!

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In This Episode Of The Reading With Your Kids Podcast,

  • You’ll be introduced to Children’s author Victoria Allen, and her wonderful picture book Buddy the Bear
  • What inspired Victoria to write this book?
  • Why it was important for Victoria to write a children’s book around the bedtime routine?
  • How real-life experiences from Victoria’s own childhood provided the backdrop for this book?
  • What has been her reader’s reactions to this book?
  • What are some of the key points you hope children, parents, teachers, and anyone else who feels called to read Buddy the Bear to take away from your book?
  • What’s next for Buddy the Bear?



A big Thank you to Victoria Allen for doing this interview! We’re so cheerful to pass on her amazing book to our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of her books in the future!


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