Little Lamb Shenanigans: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Little Lamb Shenanigans by Ed PachecoBOOK REVIEW: #RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ

Congratulations to Ed Pacheco for winning the certified great read status for his wonderful book, Little Lamb Shenanigans!


Little Lamb Shenanigans by Ed PachecoFunny Bedtime story. In Ed Pacheco´s debut children’s book, ]Little Lamb Shenanigans!] a young girl struggles to get to bed each evening. She learns along the way how to solve her problem, with a little help from her family.

This sweet story focuses on a common theme for many families; getting the kids to bed! It explores family traditions and how families help one another. This story would make a wonderful and ultimately fun bedtime story. Perhaps it would help you create your own family tradition.

This story is heartwarming and will make you smile. I would truly recommend this story if you have little ones in your life who need a bit of help reaching slumberland!

Robin Kolbeck, M. Ed.


About the author

Ed PachecoEd Pacheco is a Dad, Husband and Entrepreneur.
The idea of this story started about 20 years
ago, while tucking his children into bed.
His youngest daughter, recently completing
elementary school prompted him to finish his
work. In his spare time, Ed also does various
charitable work in his community and in
collaboration with his Masonic Brothers from
Quittacus Lodge, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
He resides in Dartmouth, MA .



Toddler bedtime routine can be a daunting task for many parents. Having a child that has trouble sleeping ranks at the top 10 things parents struggle with. It’s a frustrating and exhausting challenge for many parents, but there’s a lot that can be done to help your kid actually go to sleep. Our latest certified great read, Little Lamb Shenanigan’s is a funny and sweet book that is guaranteed to help you in winding down at the end of the day and helping to end the bedtime battle.

Little Lamb Shenanigans is written by Ed Pacheco and illustrated by Kristina Z. Young. This fun story follows a little girl named Jenna Marie who is kind and playful. But she has trouble falling asleep every night. Jenna doesn’t get tired at night. Her family tries to help by giving multiple reminders about her bedtime but all their efforts in vein. They are tired of her constant delay tactics. Finally her father sings a special song to help her fall asleep. Will he succeed in lulling his little one to sleep by emptying Jenna’s all time charged battery? Find out what happens!

With the assistance of the special song, Jenna and your child, will learn in a fun and amusing way to appreciate the importance of sleep.

The illustrations are colorful and vibrant. It is an added plus to this lovely story — Marvelous match keeping the readers attention! The text is easy for young kids to understand. Kids and parents will both appreciate the humour in the story, and may also recognize some of their own bedtime struggles.

Final Verdict

What a fun book to cozy-up with a child for a bed-time story, and one that we think many children will love. A short story that will be a real treat for your kids if they’re into funny characters, crispy clean illustrations and upbeat attitude. I really enjoyed reading it with my niece!


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