Learn the value of Reading with Your Kids with Dr. Connie Tate

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Meet Connie Tae, author of Roll On, Scooter Boy, and Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale!

Hello RWYK family!

In our exciting interview today, we’re delighted to feature Connie Tate, Ed.d, also known as Dr. Tate, Mrs. Tate, Mom, and Omie is a teacher turned author from Turlock, CA. She is the author of three wonderful KidLits Roll on, Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale and Scooter Boy.

So Here’s an effervescently deep conversation between our beloved children’s book author and our host Jed Doherty and a very talented guest Connie Tate. Listen in as they discuss the value of Reading with Your Kids, the inspiration behind Dr. Connie Tate’s writing. We also talk about Connie’s love for reading, the importance of encouraging parents to read with their kids for at least 20 minutes a day. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, tune in and let the conversation begin!


About Connie Tate


Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale

Sylvester lives in a pet food warehouse in California’s Central Valley and is adored by all who work there. One day the curious cat slips inside one of the 20-foot containers that comes and goes so frequently – CLANG – the door shuts and off goes Sylvester on the adventure of his life begins. Back at the warehouse, Sylvester’s human friends frantically search for their cat – all receive the surprise of their lifetime when he finally does return.



Scooter Boy

Connie Tate and Sam Bridges have teamed up again for another exciting adventure through childhood. This time in “Scooter Boy.”

“Scooter Boy,” aka Cal, is last in the pick up line after school. Not cool any time, but devastating if you are five, it’s Friday and you’re supposed to be skating with your BFFs. It is beyond devastating – it is earth-shattering.

And…just when Cal thinks it can’t get worse, our five-year-old hero comes up agains Anya – the wanna-be nanny, in her high heals, too big bun and gigantic pink purse, PINK…

…icing on the cake…Anya has Cal’s dog…yes his most faithful friend…in tow.

Mortified, Cal makes a decision and the adventure begins. Hold on to your seats…Scooter Boy is a fun, wild right up and down the streets of Venice, California, through the eyes of a five-year-old .



In this episode, you’ll hear

  • The value of Reading with Your Kids
  • Why is reading to kids 20 minutes a day important?
  • Why it is important for the parents to read in front of their kids?
  •  Some wonderful advice for the busy parents who think it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach kids reading
  • What inspired Dr. Connie to become a children’s books writer?
  • Dr. Connie talks about the three children’s books that she has written so far: Roll on, Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale and Scooter Boy
  • The inspiration behind these books and the important life lessons kids can take away after reading them
  • What is she currently working on, her future projects and much more…Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!



A big Thank You to Dr. Connie Tate for talking to us and sharing her passion for writing with our listeners!


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