Welcome to “The Nature Club” by Rachel Mazur!

Welcome to “The Nature Club” by Rachel Mazur! post thumbnail image


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Meet Rachel Mazur, author of The Nature Club Books – Nature-Based for Middle-Grade Books


Join The Nature Club’s Adventures! The Nature Club middle-grade books invite you to explore the outdoors with Izzy, Tai, Brooke, Zack, and Miguel. Through their adventures, they learn to help the wildlife they love while helping each other with the challenges of growing up.

The Nature Club

Joining us today is Children’s author Rachel Mazur who is here to talk about her new series of nature-based books for young kids called The Nature Club.

In our exciting interview, Rachel tells us that each book in The Nature Club series tells the story of one of the kids in the club and how they approach a challenge of growing up, in parallel with a story about an animal and a difficulty it faces. Additionally, children face challenges of their own, such as moving, parents’ divorce, and getting glasses.

Tune in to learn how each book in the series ends with the kids finding a way to take simple actions to make positive changes in themselves and to help the nature and wildlife!


More About the Author

Rachel Mazur, Ph.D., is the author of The Nature Club (Wild Bear Press, 2019); Speaking of Bears (Globe Pequot, 2015); the award-winning picture book, If You Were a Bear (Sequoia Natural History Association, 2008); and many articles for scientific and trade publications. She is passionate about writing stories to connect kids with nature and inspiring them to protect it. Rachel lives with her husband and two children in El Portal, California, where she runs the wildlife program at Yosemite National Park.

For more information, please visit 

Web: www.natureclubbooks.com
Instagram: TheNatureClubBooks
Facebook: TheNatureClubBooks



Learn more about “The Nature Club” (5 book series)




In this interview, we talk

  • Rachel tells us all about The Nature Club (5 book series for middle-grade kids)
  • The inspiration behind the theme and stories for each of her books in the series
  • Why do kids need to get outside and engage with nature?
  • What kind of reactions Rachel has been getting from kids for The Nature Club?
  • Rachel gives us a peek inside her upcoming books & some interesting facts about her story.


A big thank you to Rachel Mazur for joining us and for sharing her story with us!


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