Kubrick’s Game

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Kubrick’s Game

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview with Derek Taylor Kent

Have you ever finished reading a great book that you enjoyed so much you have to tell everyone about it? Well, prepare to feel that way when you pick up Kubrick’s Game. It’s a thrilling adventure packed with symbolism, conspiracy theories, adventure, romance and more.

Today we’re welcoming Derek Taylor Kent and talk about his latest novel Kubrick’s Game and his career writing children’s books like Scary School and El Perro con Sombrero under the pen name Derek the Ghost.

The plot centres around a 20-year-old autistic film student named Shawn Hagan who discovers a hidden game within the films of Stanley Kubrick that seems to be leading to a mysterious treasure the legendary film director left behind. But when nefarious groups emerge who have also discovered the game, it’s a race against time to uncover Kubrick’s treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.

Want to get your kids interested in learning to write? In addition to talking about Kubrick’s Game, Derek also shares some inspiring advice for kids who dream of becoming authors someday. Enjoy this episode with your kids as Derek encourages your child to develop strong writing skills at a young age and shares his ideas on how to make writing meaningful and FUN.

Derek Taylor Kent is an author, screenwriter, and performer based in Los Angeles. His award-winning book series SCARY SCHOOL (written under pen-name Derek the Ghost) has become one of the most popular new series for middle-readers ages 7 to 12. Other books include the award-winning educational picture book SIMON AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM and the magical adventure RUDY AND THE BEAST, both available now.

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