Meet The Stalking Seagulls!!!

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A Chat With Children’s Author, Michelle Vattula

Hello there! Today, we’re pleased to be joined by Michelle Vattula,  author of a debut children’s book “The Stalking Seagulls” which will be out in spring 2019 . In this interview, Michelle discusses finding her literary agent and getting her debut book published. You will hear her story of  becoming a successful writer and determine what did or didn’t work for her. Be sure to tune in to this episode to discover all the fun facts about The Stalking Seagulls & Michelle’s publishing process!

More about Michelle Vattula

Michelle always dreamed about being a children’s book writer and even has it in her Bucket List. She loves writing in rhyme and about cows! In her younger years she loved writing little poems and making up great titles for books. Creative writing was always a passion of hers and she often wrote stories to evoke emotions, especially about her grandfather.

Michelle is Boston born but grew up in Erie, PA. After receiving her Bachelor degree from Miami University of Ohio (1999), she returned to Boston for her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Northeastern University (2001). Michelle believes that with hard work and perseverance anything is possible and is thankful for her parents who instilled these qualities into her life!
Michelle is an active member of the Western Pennsylvania Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and enjoys collaborating with fellow writers as much as her time permits. Her debut picture book, The Stalking Seagulls, will be available sometime in 2018-2019 through MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing.

In this interview

  • Michelle talks about her career as a writer & when she first began writing for children
  •  Her publishing process for The Stalking Seagulls & her experience about approaching a publisher when she started out
  • Michelle discusses her upcoming projects & more….

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Finally, where can we find Michelle?

Visit her website:


Twitter: @Mmvattula


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