Introducing “Books in the Park” by Elle Montemayor

Introducing “Books in the Park” by Elle Montemayor post thumbnail image

Meet Elle Montemayor, an author, classroom teacher, and a mother

Woohoo! we’re excited about our guest today!

Our guest today is an author, classroom teacher, and mother of two. Please welcome Elle Montemayor to the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

In this episode, Jed sits down with Elle to talk about her latest children’s book titled “Books in the Park“. Elle also talks about writing inspirations and the world of children’s literature.  Elle has kindly answered our questions and shared her writing story with us. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun. And you really must check out the book itself. It’s lovely and charming.

We hope you all enjoy our interview with Elle Montemayor!


Here’s more information about Elle Montemayor

Elle MontemayorElle Montemayor is an author, classroom teacher, and mother of two. When she’s not teaching or writing, she enjoys reading, crafting, and traveling the country with her family discovering the beauty of the USA. 

As an advocate for book access for all, she’s worked with her city to install Little Free Libraries in their public parks and has created a YouTube channel of read alouds for teachers and families. She knows her mission isn’t complete but is excited about where the journey is taking her.


Find out more about Elle Montemayor and her book by visiting

More info of learning about her readers and the questioning freebie
Ordering from Elle’s website when she can include personalization 
Mrs. M Please Read YouTube Channel

More about “Books in the Park”

Books in the ParkDawson is a little boy who loves games, knights, and swords, but he doesn’t like to read. Until one day he is playing in the park when all the other children gather to see what a woman in the park has as a surprise for them. Disappointed when all of the fanfare is only over a book, Dawson is surprised by what happens next.

Click on the Amazon link below to grab your copy of Books in the Park!



In this episode, Jed asks Elle the following questions

  • Tell us about Books in the Park
  • What inspired Elle to start writing and how did she get into writing children’s books?
  • Tell us about your experience of being an elementary school teacher and working closely with many children on her side
  • Being the fourth-grade teacher for many years, Elle shares with us what kind of book series kids in her class love to read
  • If she gets a magic wand, what would Elle change in the current education system?
  • Tell us about your latest released books and upcoming projects.


A big thank you to Elle for joining us and for sharing her wonderful story with us!



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