Chasing The Checkered Flag

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Chasing The Checkered Flag

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview With Kay Presto

Today we are joined by the legendary motor sports correspondent and broadcaster Kay Presto. Kay Presto is an award-winning book author, television and radio producer and broadcaster, photo-journalist, public relations expert, and owner of her own motorsports website,  .

She has covered motorsports for over thirty years, reporting on every type of racing from Formula One to motocross. She not only covers the competitive side of racing, but also is an expert on the technical side, covering such subjects as superchargers, downforce, and other items that make the race cars competitive.

She is here to talk with us about her new book Chasing The Checkered Flag and about the benefits a family can experience by getting involved in the great sport of Go Carting. In Chasing The Checkered Flag we meet 12 year old Ryan Edwards who dreams of one day winning the Indy 500. He begins his chase for the Indy Championship as a Go Karter. But someone is determined to make sure Ryan does not win. Chasing the Checkered Flag is a fun mystery book that the whole family will enjoy.

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