A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck!

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In Conversation with Jennifer Meiring, author of A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck

Hello readers! In this episode of Reading with your kids podcast, We’d like to welcome Jennifer Meiring, the author of A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck. Batavia resident Jennifer Meiring is an animal lover through and through.  As a stay-at-home mom, she found some extra time once her kids started school to become a pet sitter, a dog walker and to write a fun children’s book about animals.

A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck teaches wonderful lessons about family, belonging and acceptance. Jennifer is joining us today to share her beautiful story with us, Her inspiration to write this book, her journey to self publishing and some interesting facts about her book. Be sure to Listen!


Here’ more information about Jennifer Meiring

Jennifer graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Communications. After many years of working in marketing, she became a stay-at-home mom to her two boys. She is currently working as a dog walker and pet-sitter while the boys are in school. A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck is her first book, but she’s got others in the works. She and her husband and their two boys (and many animals — including two golden retrievers, four chickens, a turtle and a frog) live in the far western suburbs of Chicago.


More about A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck

A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck is a children’s story written by Jennifer Meiring and illustrated by Carmen Hampson. It is a story of unconditional love, and unconventional family. As the title indicates, it is based on a true story of a hen (who lived on a farm in rural Michigan) who found and hatched a duck egg, and raised the duckling as her own. This rhyming story will entertain young children, and touch the hearts of adults.


In this episode,

  • Jed & Jennifer discuss more about A True Tale of a Chicken-Duck Named Chuck
  • Where did Jennifer get the idea to write this book and what kind of messages she would like parents and kids to learn from her book
  • What’s next for Jennifer Meiring, some fun facts about her book, her future plans and much more. Tune in as Jennifer shares the value of family and accepting people for who they are!


A big thank you to Jennifer Meiring for joining us and for sharing her cute little book with us!


Finally, where can we find Jennifer on the internet?

Her website: https://chickenduck.webnode.com/




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