The Stardust Mystery by Peter Solomon: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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The Stardust Mystery by Peter Solomon: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Peter Solomon!

The Stardust Mystery, the first place winner of the Best STEM Children’s E-BOOK in 2021 is now our certified great read!



The Stardust MysteryThe Stardust Mystery illustrated book is a companion to the MissionKT and Building the Universe video games, the STARDUST MYSTERY YouTube channel and the web page. It follows the lives of cousins Lizzy, Milo, VC, and Neddy as they unravel the Stardust Mystery. Their adventures take them across time during the evolution of the Universe and the history of Planet Earth in the Cosmic Egg time, space and size-change travel ship. They must figure out how everyone alive is made of Stardust that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex. They must find out what Stardust is, and how, when, and where it was created.
As the Cosmic Kids team, the cousins enter The Science and The Future Contest, held by the mysterious Dr. Q. The winners will be taken on a trip around the moon! What could be a better gift for the grandfather they love, a former NASA astronaut?

Along the way, they visit Einstein, dinosaurs, and even the Big Bang. To win, they’ll have to use their brains to answer the many science questions, but they’ll also have to use their hearts to come together to solve the problems of the family.


About the author

Peter Solomon is a scientist, author and entrepreneur who is devoted to passing on his love for the many wonderful science stories to the younger generation through the media they like best. He believes that integrating science concepts into exciting stories is the best way for children to learn. The birth of his twelfth grandchild was the inspiration for The STARDUST MYSTERY book. The child characters in the story explore the creation of their atoms through time and space travel adventures in the Beamer Virtual World. Solomon was asked by his young book reviewers to create a virtual world that they could use. This inspired a National Science Foundation project to create video games and the Stardust Mystery YouTube channel for science videos to accompany the book. The characters in the story, games and videos were inspired by his grandchildren.

To find out more about the stardust story visit:, the STARDUST MYSTERY YouTube Channel, and the video games on (MissionKT and Building the Universe).

Peter Solomon holds a Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Sally Moshein Solomon. Sally and two of their children, Jeff Solomon, and Joanne Solomon, took part in inspiring and creating the book. Solomon is working on a second book called The Race to the Big Bang.


The Stardust Mystery is a wonderful Science adventure book written by scientist and award-winning author Peter Solomon.  The book is beautifully illustrated and is suitable for ages 8 to 14. This wonderful book won first place as the Best STEM Children’s book in 2021 in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards ( sponsored by Story Monsters LLC.

Continuing with my exploration of delightful children’s books, The Stardust Mystery is the story of cousins Lizzy, Milo, VC, and Neddy as they make very important discoveries regarding how life on Earth began and how everyone alive is made of Stardust that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex.  unravel the Stardust Mystery. All four cousins along with their grandfather form a  team named Cosmic Kids to take part in a national science contest called The Science and The Future Contest.  The mysterious Dr. Q. is the organizer of the contest and announces that the winners will be taken on a trip around the moon. The kids are elated upon hearing this reward as their grandfather, a  former NASA astronaut always dreamt of going to the moon. Together they embark on a mission to explore Stardust, Are humans made from stardust? and to understand the many secrets of the universe and planet earth since its evolution. Along the way, they learn many science concepts and also gets to visit Albert Einstein, dinosaurs, and even the Big Bang.

Packed full of stunning pictures and amazing facts, children will become space experts in no time. Covering everything from observatories and rockets, to the solar system and the death of stars, children will discover all about space and space travel.  A great read for both kids and adults.



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