RWYK Podcast: New Year Special Star-studded Episode!

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In conversation with Lauren Dragon, Tjaart/Daniel Lehmacher & Andy Klein


Happy New Year to everyone!

Welcome to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, your definitive guide to enlightening information about children’s books & some of the amazing children’s books authors all around the world!

In this New Year special edition of the RWYK Podcast, our guests and children’s books authors Lauren DragonTjaart/Daniel Lehmacher and Andy Klein, airs their audacious views on everything from writing children’s books Sally the Crab, The MoonlingOliver Phenomena, getting inspired from their own life experiences & discussing their publication journey with us.

Join the fun and celebrations with Reading with Your Kids team as we welcome the New Year with our special guests on this episode. So grab yourself a cup of a coffee and let the magic begin!

Here’s more information about Lauren Dragon

Lauren DragonSally the Crab is Lauren’s first book and is based off a story she originally wrote in third grade. She has always enjoyed writing and art since she was a kid and plan on writing more books in the future. Her story is about friendship and compassion. She also included some bonus coloring and drawing pages at the end of her story for the reader to interact with the story.


More about Sally the Crab

Sally is a hermit crab who has a really pretty shell that a lot of other crabs admire. However, there is only one crab that Sally calls her true friend, and this crab’s name is Molly. But one day Molly has to move far away. And worst yet, shortly after Molly moves away Sally out grows her shell. She then begins a search to look for another one. What kind of encounters will Sally come across along her search and just exactly what kind of home will she end up with?

This is a story about friendship and showing what it means to help others out. The illustrations are vibrant, colorful, and pleasing to the eye. Check out for more images. There is also some educational value mixed in. Children will learn about various sea creatures, as well as be entertained. The story itself is about a 15-minute read. Fall in love with the characters and enjoy the bonus coloring and drawing pages!

For more information on Lauren and her book, please visit

Her website:



More about The Moonling by Tjaart & Daniel Lehmacher


A Moonling longing for the earth, and a ten-year-old Earthling, named Karl, wanting nothing more than to explore the moon and the stars… By a happy chance these two kindred beings find each other, as well as a sense of awe for life around them. But the more the Moonling sees of this green and blue planet the more homesick he gets. To him it is clear that the earth is far more beautiful from far away… As their friendship grows, so do the questions. And as Karl figures out a plan to get the Moonling back to the moon, one has to wonder: Is it possible for a little creature of stone, to awaken in hearts of flesh, a love for this place we call home?

You can learn more about  Tjaart & Daniel Lehmacher by visiting




Here’s some information about Andy Kline

Andy KleinAndy Klein was born in New York and raised in southern California. He graduated from San Diego State University, and, after attaining his master’s degree in psychology, spent the next fifteen years travelling around the world. He taught children in Japan and Taiwan as well as here, in the states. Inspired by his youngest son, he has begun to write a series of children’s books. He now lives with his family north of Atlanta.


More about The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena: Oliver and the Guardian Angel


There is something very special about Oliver Phenomena, a young boy who seems to attract the most unusual experiences. In his first story he finds himself in plenty of hot water but his guardian angel saves him each time—much to the amazement of onlookers.


You can learn more about Andy & his books by visiting



In this episode, you’ll hear

  • All about Sally the Crab and what inspired Lauren to write this book
  • What can readers expect from her book and some of the discussions parents can have with their children after reading her book
  • More about The Moonling and what inspired the story and the main characters
  • Tjaart & Daniel Lehmacher shares how their real life story and experiences influenced them to write The Moonling
  • Listen in as Jed & Andy Klein discuss his wonderful children’s book Adventures of Oliver Phenomena: Oliver and the Guardian Angel, his upcoming project and more… Be sure to tune in & you’ll be amazed!


A big thank you to Lauren/ Tjaart & daniel Lehmacher/Andy Klein for joining us and for sharing their stories with us!


If you haven’t already done so, listen to this episode & feel free to share it by using the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. We would LOVE if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

Thanks for tuning in,

All the very best for the holiday period, and we’ll be back with plenty more (great) content in 2018!



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