Let’s Welcome 2018 with Author Kendra Andrus!

Let’s Welcome 2018 with Author Kendra Andrus! post thumbnail image

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Author Kendra Andrus Discusses Chasing Sunsets & God Made Night

Hello RWYK Family!

Welcome to our very first episode of RWYK in 2018.  We would like to take a moment to thank all our listeners for supporting us and we would like to wish everyone a productive, healthy and happy 2018!

In today’s exciting episode, we’re thrilled to be joined by author Kendra Andrus who has created and published two of the delightful children’s picture books for ages 3-7. They are rhyming, imaginative, adventurous, encouraging!

In this dreamy episode, Kendra shares her life experience as a mother of six children and rediscovering the joys of the world of children’s books, What inspires her to write children’s books, her upcoming books and more. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did recording it!


Here’s more information about Kendra Andrus

Kendra Andrus is a homeschooling mother who finds endless inspiration for children’s books in her everyday life with her own six children. She writes to solve their problems, answer their questions, and tell the stories of their adventures together. She loves Jesus, teaching, cooking, reading, art, poetry, dancing, and singing. Together, she and her husband manage the loud and feisty-fun chaos that is their daily life in Nashville, Tennessee.

Author Kendra Andrus


Wild Willow Press exists to provide books that fill a spiritual need: everyday experiences are spiced with the divine, and our stories should reflect this. To be human is to be spiritual, to bear the image of God, to be loved and to love in return. Profound truth is not reserved for only the upper tiers of religion. Rather, it is accessible to us all, as near and dear to us as our own breath. This publishing company desires to make spiritual, biblical truths commonplace and woven throughout everyday lessons and life. Starting with children, who are our future (and according to Jesus, “of such is the Kingdom”), we will make this world a better place through the power of story and art – the magic of books.


More about Chasing sunsets

Image result for chasing sunsets by kendra andrusChasing Sunsets is a book about a mom who takes her restless, grouchy children out for an adventure. They drive around trying to find the perfect place to watch the sunset at its peak beauty. (Yes, it is based on our own true story.) Rhyming, fanciful verse will capture kids’ attention and become memorable and repeatable forever. With a nod to God as Creator and the One who gives us beauty and fun, it is sure to touch young and old readers alike. The vivid, colorful, action-packed illustrations will delight all as well.


More about God Made Night

God made night by kendra andrusGod Made Night is a book that seeks to help children embrace all of the goodness of night, the dark, and bedtime. For those who have trouble transitioning to sleep, being afraid of the dark, being alone in their beds, scared of bad dreams, or just sad or angry that the day is over, this book will help them identify those feelings and replace them with better perspectives. It will give both parent and child things to celebrate and talk about together. A great bedtime story, this will lead to night time prayers, tucking in, and goodnight kisses. Soothing, beautiful pictures invite good dreams.


In this episode, we talk

  • Kendra reads out an excerpt from Chasing Sunsets
  • More about Chasing Sunsets and what inspired Kendra to write her book
  • More on God Made Night and where did she get the idea for this story
  •  Kendra discusses her passion for writing children’s books that acknowledge the spiritual reality or the christian perspective in everyday ways
  • Some of the important messages her books give to the children, her upcoming books
  • Jed shares some amazing words of wisdom from an american astronomer Carl Edward Sagan and much more. Happy listening!


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Have a wonderful Tuesday!

For more information on Kendra and her books, please visit

Her website: https://www.wildwillowpress.com/


Amazon Page


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