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RWYK Author Interview with Judy Martialay

Happy Thursday everyone! In today’s episode, we’re excited to talk about the importance of teaching foreign languages to young children, a topic that’s very close to our heart.

Joining us today is the author Judy Martialay in a one-on-one conversation with our host Jed Doherty.  Judy has written two wonderful children’s book Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish and Bonjour! Let’s Learn French. These books are filled with everything from a neat little story, to activities, games, and work sheets these are  excitingly interactive book to introduce young children to foreign languages.

In our exciting interview, Judy talks about her books,  benefits of knowing a second language, some important advise for parents to enjoy the experience of learning languages with their children and how to best prepare them for success in our multilingual and multicultural world.  Listen and hear what Judy has to say – you will be amazed by her insights!


Here’s more information about Judy Martialay

Judy lives in Sea Cliff, N.Y. with her husband.  Her daughters are grown up and Judy have a toddler granddaughter.

Judy MartialayJudy has taught languages on Long Island and is an active member of the Public Advocacy Committee of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers. She lives on Long Island with her husband. Has two daughters and a granddaughter. Her missions is have let every child to have the opportunity to learn a world language at an early age; and she wants parents, everyone to have fun with a language and appreciate the beauty of the cultures of our world.  “Language study promotes tolerance for diversity.”

More about ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish

Hola! Let's Learn Spanish and Bonjour!¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish Visit New Places and Make New Friends!  Pete the Pilot takes children 6-10 on an imaginary plane trip to Mexico where they meet Panchito, the Mexican Jumping Bean. They follow his adventure while learning Spanish and being drawn into the culture. Activities follow to practice Spanish with friends and family: socialising, a treasure hunt, trip to supermarket, useful expressions, a skit, Culture Corner, song, and directions for making a traditional Mexican mask.
¡HOLA! has received the NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs) Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for winter 2017.
 The purpose of the book is to give children an enjoyable experience learning the language as well as to teach them a useful skill. The age range of children is roughly 6-10, although it should include the largest age range possible. It is especially useful for parents and children who reside in the many districts where foreign language is not offered in elementary school. Judy hopes that kids and their parents will be inspired to continue their study of Spanish throughout school, so that they can truly communicate to the millions of Spanish speakers throughout the world. The book can be used by older children themselves. It can be adapted for use in Foreign Language in Elementary School , FLES, programs and in Foreign Language Experience, FLEX, programs. It can be used by librarians. It would make a great gift for grandparents, relatives or anyone who has a child in his or her life and would like to give that child the beginning of a truly world class education. It can be used by parents, whether or not they speak Spanish, and their children.

The book is for children whose ages are roughly 6-10, and for their parents, whether or not they know Spanish. The purpose is to give children an early and fun experience learning Spanish.

More about Bonjour! Let’s Learn French: Visit New Places and Make New Friends

Bonjour! Let’s Learn French gives children roughly 6-10 an early and fun introduction to French. Please download the free audio version at polyglotkidz.com “Audio for French” page before using the book.

Kids board Pete the Pilot’s magic airplane en route to France. On board, they learn their first French words and phrases. In France, they meet Louis, l’escargot and his friends, and follow their adventure while learning French and absorbing the culture. The French words and expressions are introduced gradually during the story, which is told in English.
Back home, kids can use and expand their French with family and friends with fun activities. These include a treasure hunt, daily expression, and a skit.
 The Culture corner explains some of the cultural differences that children encounter during their stay in France. This section includes a traditional French song.
 In the crafts section, children learn about impressionist art and how to make an impressionist-style painting., as they are encouraged to use their French.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Ab excerpt from ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish
  • More about Judy’s writing and why she decided to write language books for children
  • What are the benefits of learning foreign languages at young age and more about Bonjour! Let’s Learn French
  • Judy gives some important advise to all the parents on preparing children for success, shares her upcoming projects & some fun facts about her books
  • Jed shares some great words of wisdom from american stand up comedian Steven Wrights and more. Tune in to catch all the fun!


A big thank you to Judy Martialay for joining us and for sharing her story!

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Thanks for tuning in and have a stellar day!


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