Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva:#RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ – Book Review

Congratulations to Debra Westgate-Silva!

Bethlehem Barn is our latest Certified great Read!



Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva

Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-SilvaLaugh and learn with a child in your life with this light-hearted, fun retelling of the classic Christmas Eve story.

Ancient legends tell us that for one hour on Christmas Eve, animals are given the gift of speech. If we could have heard the animals on that very first Christmas Eve, what do you think they would have said?

Donkey, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, and Bird are having a typical winter night in the barn.  That is, until Cow finds something in her food trough.  Astonishment turns into awe when Bird reveals that it’s a human baby.  And not just any human baby, it’s baby Jesus, the people’s Savior!

All the animals are humbled–the baby Jesus, in their barn! A frenzy follows, while the animals do everything they can to make Him comfortable, warm, and safe.

With soft, beautiful artwork and a delightful animal cast, Bethlehem Barn is a light-hearted, fun retelling of that very first Christmas that will charm children and adults alike.



About the Author

Debra Westgate-SilvaDebra Westgate-Silva has worked in public education for many years and in child advocacy and welfare. Her work has been published in Highlights children’s magazine and Teaching Tolerance. She loves reading, writing, cooking (and eating!), traveling and, above all else, spending time with her family. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and one of her most treasured traditions is baking a birthday cake each year for baby Jesus. She lives in Bristol, Rhode Island, with her husband and two sons. Please visit her website at to send her a message. She also loves to hear from her readers!


To learn more about Debra and her book, visit



Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva is retelling of a classic story of the first Christmas travels along with Mary and Joseph to the town of Bethlehem where baby Jesus is born, but with a surprising twist. The story is told from the point of view of animals present in the barn where Mary had given birth. Historic legends tells us that for one hour on Christmas Eve, animals are given the present of speech. If we ought to have heard the animals on that very first Christmas Eve, what do you believe you thought they would have said? With simple and engaging text from Debra Westgate-Silva and heartwarming illustrations from Marcin Piwowarski, Bethlehem Barn introduces young readers to the story of the first Christmas.

Bethlehem Barn follows Donkey, Cow, Sheep, chicken, and bird as they are spending just another winter night in the barn. This is, until Cow reveals some thing in her food trough. Astonishment will become awe whilst bird announces that it is a human infant. And not simply any human baby, it is baby Jesus, the people’s Savior!

The beautiful illustrations and sweet story will leave you and your kids feeling full of the holiday spirit. Babies and toddlers will enjoy the humorous illustrations of some of the cute animals on each page, while those learning how to read can practice by reading aloud. No matter how old is your little one, we highly suggest holding on to this wonderful book year after year. You may find that displaying them and reading together as a family will become some of the most treasured Christmas traditions you hold dear.

With its shiny, colorful pages, this little picture book is great for reading aloud as a family on a winter’s night, and makes a perfect gift for under the tree! A perfect tool for sparking conversations about the true meaning behind Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Overall, We HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone, regardless of religion, and think that if you give it a chance, you’ll come to love it too!





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