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Stranded on an Island – Can Science Save Your Life?

By Gerry Bailey

Review By Fatima Khan, Associate Producer,

I enjoyed reading this book which is from the Science to the Rescue series written by Gerry Bailey. This book has a lot of important information presented in a fun and interesting way which will definitely attract young reader’s aged between 7 to 9 years. This book is about being stranded on an island and gives basic information that could help you survive in this situation. Additionally, there is a fictional piece that accompanies the non-fiction information about a scientist named Joe.

Author gives out the important information to survive on an Island through a story of a Scientist named Joe who is on a deserted island after his boat begins to leak while he is on his way to mainland. To save his life, he investigates the food chain of the island’s ecosystem. He learns to gather food and build shelter, copying other living things and using whatever materials he can find on the island.

Author has done a wonderful job on explaining what the difficult words mean and also explained about different creatures and objects available only on Islands which makes this book even more interesting. Personally, I came across a lot of things which I did not know exists on an Island like rare plants, different Island animals like frigate bird, blue -footed booby bird and a marine iguana. That was a lot of information.  I think kids will struggle with some of the vocabulary but glossary given at the last page of the book explains the meaning of all the difficult words. Author has used great pictures and have wonderfully delivered

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