DAX to the MAX: Imagination: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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DAX to the MAX: Imagination by Scott Feld: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Scott Feld!

DAX to the MAX: Imagination is our latest certified great read!



DAX to the MAX: Imagination

DAX to the MAX: Imagination

DAX to the MAX: Imagination

DAX to the MAX is written to inspire young children and give wings to their imagination while instilling and encouraging the habit of reading. This book aims to nurture the hidden SuperPower of Imagination that young children have often not learned to tap, and to make them aware that anything is possible when we add intention to our thinking. It motivates creative minds by establishing imagination as a SuperPower and reiterating that situations or circumstances can be considerably improved if our imagination and outlook.

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About the author

Scott Feld is a Certified Kids Life Skills Coach and owner of MindZenMotion, which offers both live and online personal development courses for kids and teens. Scott has been working with kids for nearly thirty years, as well as studying, teaching, and coaching growth mindset and social/emotional intelligence for over fifteen years.

Dax is Scott’s 5-year-old son who is learning about his own inner powers and wants to share them with other kids.



DAX to the MAX: Imagination by Scott Fled is a must read! This is an amazing book centered on imagination. It’s a great children’s book that aims to inspire young kids to be more creative and use their imagination in fun and amazing ways. For parents and educators, this can serve as a tool to build a child’s confidence in becoming more creative. The author takes the reader on a journey with a little boy named Dax who dreams out loud. Dax looks at what is in his environment and imagines how it can be used to create something beautiful. When he looks into the clouds, he imagines all sorts of wonderful things like a dinosaur, a flower, a tree and a magician. What lies ahead for Dax is a quest to use his Imagination to the best of his capability to gain his first superpower. Dax must solve some mysteries and learn to use his imagination which will further strengthen his power.

The vibrant illustrations allow young kids to follow the storyline with joy and excitement. The illustrations allow parents to pose questions about how their child can use their imagination. I love this book because it visually depicts the power of a child’s imagination. When Dax looks at the clouds, his friend Lauren encourages him to use his imagination to imagine amazing things. Dax uses his imagination and opens a new world. The power of Dax’s imagination seems to change the entire situation. He can now use his mind to
create the world he wants.



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