Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia by Erika Bud: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Travel Rangers –  Mission to Australia by Erika Bud: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Erika Bud!

Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia is our latest certified great read!



Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia

TRAVEL RANGERS: MISSION TO AUSTRALIAThe first book in the Travel Rangers series takes adventurous readers on a
mission through Australia, where they will swim in the Great Barrier reef,
climb the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge, meet some new animals, and even
learn some fun Australian words and phrases.


Amazing AR technology brings the book to life so everyone reading can truly
experience Australia. Your kids won’t want to miss this adventure!

Become a fellow Travel Ranger today and experience the
adventure of a lifetime, one mission at a time!




How do you say how are you in Australia? What is Vegemite? What are two of Australia’s favourite sports? You’ll uncover these exciting facts and more when you read the first book in the Travel Ranger series for kids, Mission to Australia written by Erika Bud and illustrated by Sonia Sengupta. Discover why Australia is one of the most amazing countries in the world! Learn some fun Australian phrases and words! The book is suitable for ages 4-8.

Join the team of Travel Rangers, a team comprising of four friends who are out on an adventure to explore new places and cool technology and their first stop is “land down under” i.e. Australia. This wonderful book takes you on a journey to different parts of Australia, all while partnered with bright illustrations highlighting the country’s tourist hot spots. Erika Bud takes readers through the sights and sounds of life in Australia, from snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef to climbing all 1,332 steps of the most famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The series aims to teach kids about other cultures and countries around the world. The photos and descriptions in Mission to Australia are very relatable and easy for kids to read and understand. the book is created to show how kids around the world are in some ways similar but also very different.

Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia will feed the soul of every travel-loving adult and child, the world over.



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