Join the Reading with Your Kids in finding “The Little Lost Fairy”

Join the Reading with Your Kids in finding “The Little Lost Fairy” post thumbnail image

In Conversation with Rebecca Sosny, author of “The Little Lost Fairy”

We know this isn’t a happy subject but it’s an important one. Joining us on today’s edition of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast is the children’s book author Rebecca Sosny. Rebecca is here to talk about The Little Lost Fairy, a children’s book written by Rebecca to support children and families coping with the illness of Cancer and the grief and death.

Rebecca kindly agreed to talk to us about her book that provides basic information on cancer in a calm, clear, and reassuring manner. Rebeca further explains how she was inspired to write this book to help children understand cancer and treatment and to address their fear and sadness.

Tune in to learn all about The Little Lost Fairy!



About the Author


More about “The Little Lost Fairy”

The Little Lost Fairy by Rebecca Sosny“One snowy day in the woods, a fairy named Jocelyn is caught in

gusts of wind and stranded until Taylor finds and rescues her. What they discover about one another results in one of the greatest gifts of all-hope!


The Little Lost Fairy” is available on Amazon!





In This Episode Of The Reading With Your Kids Podcast, You’ll find out

  • You’ll be introduced to Children’s author Rebecca Sosny, and her wonderful book “The Little Lost Fairy
  • What inspired Rebecca to write this book?
  • How real-life experiences from her own life provided the backdrop for this book?
  • Why it was so important for you that the characters in your book look like your family members?
  • What was Rebecca’s aunt’s first reaction when she read the book?
  • Rebecca talked about writing “The Little Lost Fairy” for her family, how was the writing process like?
  • What has been her reader’s reactions to this book?
  • What are some of the key points you hope children, parents, teachers, and anyone else who feels called to read The Little Lost Fairy to take away from Rebecca’s book?
  • What’s next for Rebecca?



A big Thank you to Rebecca Sosny for doing this interview! We’re so cheerful to pass on her amazing book to our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of her books in the future!


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