“The Seekers” by papercut artists Hari & Deepti

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Hari Panicker & Deepti Nair

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Happy Sunday everyone,

We have a very special episode for you! Our guests today, Hari & Deepti are a husband-and-wife artist duo based in Mumbai. Their work has been featured on book covers, and The Seekers is their first picture book.

Come join us for this exciting new episode of the podcast to learn more about authors & illustrators, Hari and Deepti and their wonderful book!



Learn more about “Hari & Deepti”

Hari & Deepti, authors and illustrators of "The Seekers"Hari & Deepti are a husband-wife artist duo based in Mumbai and previously based out of Denver.

Known internationally for their specific papercut and backlit style they moved to India from Denver in the fall of 2014. During this period they traveled to Asia and Europe collecting inspirations and stories for their art and showcasing their work through solo shows and workshops. They are storytellers who bring their stories to life through their intricate paper cut light boxes & have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of storytelling. Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them.

They believe that “Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it into something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”

They have also painted 4 murals including one of their largest murals in Denver, Colorado – a gigantic 125ft mural for New Belgium Brewing in the heart of the city. Their Globeville mural commissioned by the Denver Urban Arts Funds was also voted as the Best New Mural in Denver for the year 2014 by Westword.

Visit them at harianddeepti.com or on Instagram at @harianddeepti.



Learn more about “The Seekers”

A small band of brave adventurers journey to save their village in this stunning debut picture book from papercut artists Hari & Deepti. Perfect for fans of Aaron Becker’s Journey.

The Seekers by Hari & DeeptiMio and Nao live in the valley of Krum, above a great river that provides everything they need to survive. As children, their grandfather told tales of the Silver Fox and Fire Wolf, tales everyone else believed were only legends–everyone, that is, but Mio.

When the life-giving river that flows through their village is mysteriously threatened, Mio and Nao set out beyond their valley to find out what has gone wrong. The farther they get from home, they find lifeless trees and skies filled with smoke. The other villagers grow weary of their mission until they are confronted with their childhood legends come to vivid life and have to risk everything to save their home.

Depicted through intricate cut-paper art, this memorable tale will remind readers of the importance of home while still striving to discover the world around you.


The Seekers” is now available on Amazon!




In This Episode Of TheReading With Your Kids Podcast, You’ll Find Out:

  • What’s “The Seekers” is all about?
  • The story that we will experience when we read “The Seekers”
  • “The Seekers” has a unique style of illustration called papercut art. Deepti & Hari tell us how this form of art is created?
  • How long does it take them to create a single image using papercut art?
  • As a husband and wife, what was it like for Deepti and Hari to work together for this project?
  • How does the beautiful city of Mumbai in India inspire their artwork?
  • What does Hari & Deepti hope that readers will gain from their books?
  • What are their goals for the future? Do they have another story on the boiling pot?



A big Thank You to Hari & Deeptifor joining us! Glad you all could join us for today’s guest interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview, and we look forward to introducing you to some great guests in our next episode.


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Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!

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