Knotfall, the webcomic for kids by Kathleen van Geete

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Reading With Your Kids Interview: Comic Writer Kathleen van Geete on Knotfall

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Parenting and the internet can be tricky but we can try and make it fun for kids. Our guest on today’s episode of the Reading With Your Kids podcast is Kathleen van Geete , an illustrator, creator of Katcha, and Knotfall, the webcomic for kids.

Kathleen believes as a parent, there is a lot of guilt about “screen time” and parents are often scared of what their kids might see on those screens, or parents don’t think screens can educate or stimulate growing minds? She feels instead of shielding our children from mobile phones or Ipads, why not share it with them? Her latest comic Knotfall does just that!

Knotfall guides kids through the serious parts of the internet, and show them where the fun bits are! In this exciting episode, Kathleen tells us how her webcomic can be a great resource for parents and kids of all the wonderful and exciting things the internet has to offer. Be sure to tune in and you’ll be amazed!


A Note from Kathleen van Geete

I am a British illustrator and graphic designer living in the heart of the Schwarzwald, Germany. I moved here last year but still love working with clients from the UK and the rest of the world!

Kathleen ChagallI have loved drawing from a very young age, I was always sketching and was constantly chastised by my maths teacher for my avid doodling. After studying Museum Studies alongside History of Art at the University of Leeds, UK, I decided to train in art and design myself.

I now create logos and mascots, one of illustrative work for personal use and editorials, blogs or news sites, and customized family portraits. In 2018 I aim to build my children’s illustration portfolio and would love to start work on my first children’s book. Equally, I want to aim to create digital content for my own website and social media platforms that inspires and entertains others, especially women and children. This includes two webcomic ideas, one I hope to launch in Spring 2018. I would also love to work with other artists in collaborations!


More about Knotfall

Knotfall, a web comics for kids

Knotfall is an adventure series about two young brothers fending for themselves after becoming lost and alone in a bewildering forest. Join Briar and Orwell on their journey through the forest as they attempt to reunite their family and circumnavigate the strange and wonderful land.



In this Interview,

  • Kathleen tells us all about her recent webcomic for young kids titled Knotfall
  • Benefits of reading webcomics with kids and how it can reignite the love of reading in older children
  • Her goal of providing parents, educators, and kids with resources to access comics that are appropriate and entertaining.
  • She also talks about her interest in creating logos and mascots, one of illustrative work for personal use and editorials, blogs or news sites, and customized family portraits.
  • Her upcoming projects and much more….


Finally, Where Can We Find Kathleen Online?

Her website:

contact her at

Facebook Group


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Kathleen. We wish you all the best with Knotfall!


Kathleen van Geete is a gem, is she not? Be sure to check out her webcomic Knotfall and stay tuned for the next edition of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Tuesday!😆

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