“The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic Life” by Tom O’Toole, Jr.

“The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic Life” by Tom O’Toole, Jr. post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Tom O’Toole, Jr – writer, and creator of “The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic Life”

Happy Friday listeners,

We have a very special episode for you today! We are ELATED to introduce a wonderful book that will inspire and encourage children and adults to avoid life’s vexing voices. It will help them to hold on to the good and inspire them to let their love for those things grow. Please welcome Tom O’Toole, creator of The Crabapple Tree!

The Crabapple Tree is a passion project that Tom hopes will encourage, inspire and validate marginalized people everywhere. It is an allegory that can be used to teach kids about how people are different and we should learn to love and embrace the differences in all of us.

Tune in to learn more about the story of his book and how they came to light!


More about the author

Tom O'TooleTom O’Toole, Jr., is a seasoned resource development professional having served various faith-based, community development, social service, arts & culture, and educational nonprofits for more than 35 years. He helps mission-driven people and organizations reach for their potential by acquiring and multiplying resources to be effective in serving some of the world’s most vulnerable individuals and communities. Tom is part of River of Life, a small, urban church in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, is a member of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, and resides in Norwood, Massachusetts, with his two cats, Neo and Trinity. Tom has a BA in Community Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and an MS in Leadership and Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University. Tom is Principal at Fruit in Season Consulting and is available to consult with small to medium-sized nonprofits needing assistance with fundraising, marketing, public relations, and communications. Learn more at www.fruitis.net.

Find out more about Tom O’Toole, Jr. on his website www.tomotoole.net


The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic Life

The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic LifeLive an authentic life! The Crabapple Tree is about bravery, courage and standing up in the face of seemingly insurmountable opposition, criticism, judgment, and invalidation of personal identity. It is about crushed hope that is restored and dreams that were snuffed out being rekindled. It is about the gender-neutral artist who was told over and over again, “You will never amount to anything if you follow your creative heart.” It is about the athletic girl who was told, “You aren’t pretty enough,” or the sensitive boy who was told, “Real men don’t cry.” It is about the non-traditional family with two moms or two dads who are told, “Your union is dishonorable, and you are a threat to my religious liberty.” And it is about me, a gay boy who grew up in a whirlwind of pious legalism, convinced that something was terribly wrong with me. It is a story of hope deferred and a renewed belief in the fulfillment of longing. It is a story that elevates the marginalized and calls forth the ostracized. It is a story about the Greatest Voice speaking into the hopeless heart saying, “I see you. I made you. I love you. I want you. Never forget that love is love is love.”


Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today to learn more about The Crabapple Tree!



In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast

  • Introduction to Tom O’Toole,
  • more about Tom’s brand NEW children’s book, The Crabapple Tree: Live an Authentic Life
  • What has been his reader’s reactions to his book?
  • Tom talks about his life as an artist and what inspired him to write children’s books
  • What kind of conversations parents and children can have after reading The Crabapple Tree?
  • Tom has an amazing website. He takes us through some of the wonderful resources available for kids and teachers.
  • Tom gives us a peek inside his upcoming books & some interesting facts about his book.



A big Thank you to Tom O’Toole, Jr. for doing this interview! We’re so cheerful to pass on his amazing book to our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of his books in the future!


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Have great Tuesday listeners!

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