MEET Ania & Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy!!

MEET Ania & Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy!! post thumbnail image

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Let’s Talk ANDREW BLUE EARED PUPPY By Marla Huehmer

Welcome back, listeners!

In today’s extra special episode,  Debut author Marla Huehmer joins the Reading with Your Kids podcast to talk about her children’s picture book, Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy. Marla’s book is a sweet introduction to kids about making new friends.

Andrew the Blue-Eared Puppy book is written and illustrated by mother and her 2-year old daughter. This story provides insight to parents and children on how to talk about the feelings that come with leaving old friends, encountering different situations, and making new friends.

Tune in to hear a special interview with our young 9-year-old guest Ania from Croatia! Ania talks to us about her favorite book series, her LOVE for the royal families and what she liked most about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding!

In this juicy episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how this unique and artistic book was created, illustrated, and published. Come and be inspired by this heartfelt story and If your child seems nervous about making new friends in preschool or on the playground, this episode is for you!


More about Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy

Andrew the Blue Eared PuppyFirst time ever, beautifully hand-illustrated book by a mother and her daughter. Making new friends can feel frightening at first. It can be difficult to find the right thing to say and even more difficult to find the right thing to play. When you take your time to get to know someone, you find that they could have many things in common with you. Andrew The Blue-Eared Puppy is about a little girl who purchased a stuffed animal puppy from a local bookstore.

The girl takes Andrew the puppy home and begins to introduce him to her toys. At first, Andrew is nervous when meeting his new friends. The girl notices this and begins to introduce him slowly while sharing personal stories about each one. This slow introduction makes meeting his new friends less frightening.

Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy of Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy today!


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Marla reading a page from her picture book Andrew the Blue Eared Puppy
  • What inspired her to write this book and what the book is all about
  • Marla provided us with some super interesting insights about the illustrations of her book that will surprise you
  • She also shares her insights on benefits of reading with  your kids at an early age
  • What is Marla currently working on, a message they would like to share with their readers and much more.



A big thank you to Marla & Ania for joining us and for sharing their wonderful stories with us!


Finally, Where Can We Find Marla Huehmer Online?



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