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Author Interview: Derek Heinz on “Together”

Welcome! listeners, we’re so happy that you’re joining us for this episode of Reading with Your Kids Podcast. Joining us today is author Derek Heinz in a one-on-one conversation with our host Jed Doherty.

Derek has written a touching story about a father-child bond titled Together. Children will love to join Derek and his daughter Evie as they enjoy  spending time together appreciating nature via camping, hiking, biking, rockhounding, or, of course, fly fishing.

In today’s episode, Derek tells us about his children’s book Together, what inspired him to write for children, His journey of self-publication and projects he is currently working onListen and hear what Derek has to say – you will be amazed!


Here’s more information about Derek Heinz

Derek Heinz, author of TogetherA product of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Derek Heinz calls Seattle home. He grew up in Portland, OR, attended college in Bellingham, WA, began his teaching career in Wenatchee, WA, and continues it today in Seattle.

Derek often travels throughout the Northwest, mostly in pursuit of rivers to explore with a fly rod. His daughter, Genevieve (Evie), was born in 2007, and as frequently as possible they can be found together appreciating nature via camping, hiking, biking, rockhounding, or of course, fly fishing.

As Evie grew into a shared appreciation of the outdoors, Derek was inspired to capture her wonderment and his fascination with viewing the world through her young, questioning eyes. The result is an ever-growing collection of stories he hopes many parents and children will enjoy together.


More about Together

TogetherIn this charming story, the father-child bond is celebrated through outdoor adventures and a shared love of humanity. Told through easy-to-read rhyming couplets, Together is a story all families will treasure in their collection.



Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy of Together

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Derek describing his book and the main characters of Together
  • What was his initial inspiration for writing this book?
  • What messages are Derek aiming to leave with his readers & what does he want children and parents to take away from this book?

  • Some of the things kids can do and families can discuss after reading  Together
  • What can Derek’s fans look forward to next, other projects and much more….


A big thank you to Derek Heinz for joining us and for sharing his story! You’re going to just love hearing his insightful thoughts about reading with your kids & you’re going to love this episode. Be sure to listen in!


Where online can people find Derek?

His website:

Follow him on Twitter


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