A Chat with Tracy Weldon, author and creator of My Blank Page

A Chat with Tracy Weldon, author and creator of My Blank Page post thumbnail image

Tracy Weldon on “My Blank Page: The Power of Imagination”

In an age in which technology, tablets, and gadgets play a critical role in our lives, it’s more important than ever to remind ourselves and our children of the importance of using our imaginations to play and grow. My Blank Page written by Tracy Weldon does just that!

In our latest edition of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, Tracy Weldon has a heart to heart chat with our host Jed Doherty about her KidLit, My Blank Page and tells us why it is very near and dear to her heart, her inspiration to write this book and her strong belief in the power of creativity and the benefits of cultivating a child’s imagination.



More about the author

Tracy WeldonTracy Weldon is a former business owner, an accomplished author, and the mother of a young boy who inspires her every day. Tracy believes strongly in the power of the imagination and creates stories and characters that motivate children everywhere to exercise their creative muscles and chase their dreams. Originally from Chicago, she now writes her stories in Oregon where she lives with her husband and son.



Learn more about “My Blank Page: The Power of Imagination”

“My Blank Page: The Power of Imagination”It all starts with a blank piece of paper, as so many great ideas do. A young boy is bored, with seemingly nothing to do. As he allows his mind to wander, his imagination transports him beyond the walls of his room on an unforgettable pirate adventure. Throughout his make-believe journey, he uses blank pieces of paper to shape, create, and draw the tools he needs to prosper in a fictitious pirate world. From swords, hats, and plaques to telescopes, treasure maps, and long-lost paintings, he creates as he plays and propels his adventure onward with nothing more than his mind and some paper.

Fueled by the endless opportunities represented by a blank page, this story encourages creativity and imaginative play in children and gets readers of all ages to ask themselves “what can I do with a blank piece of paper?”



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Interview Talking Points & Questions

  • Tracy Weldon’s goal with bringing My Blank Page to life
  • The importance of imaginative play in a child’s development
  • How to encourage kids to use and hold onto their creative talents
  • How can My Blank Page spark creative thoughts in the minds of the children in your life?
  • Encouraging kids to encourage children everywhere to exercise their creative muscles and dream.
  • How can parents, educators, and caregivers use this book as an educational tool?
  • What’s next for Tracy Weldon?


A big thank you to Tracy Weldon for joining us and for sharing her great insights with our listeners!


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