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Meet Glen C. Kinnaird, a playwright, and author of “Tony the Theatre Dog” book series

Happy Thursday people!

We love speaking to passionate kids authors. That’s why we love speaking with Glen Kinnaird. He is passionate about inspiring kids to get involved in theatre. That inspiration is just one of the many benefits of reading aloud his KidLit Tony The Theatre Dog.

Reading with Your Kids had awarded Tony The Theatre Dog with the prestigious title of RWYK Certified Great Read a few days ago and today we have Glenn joining us on the podcast to tell us all about his wonderful book that takes young readers on a journey into the world of creating live theatre. In this day and age, people have a lot of ways to entertain themselves, most of us tend to forget that theatre still exists, and they can still provide thrill and entertainment to the audience like they always do.

Tune in to get some great insights into the inner workings of the stage and learn about many aspects of preparing for the show that includes stage management, costumes, lighting, and production!



More About The Author

Glen C. KinnairdGlen C. Kinnaird is a playwright and author living in New York City with his best friend, Tony the Theatre Dog. Kinnaird was inspired to create the “Tony the Theatre Dog” book series in 2010 when he and Tony joined friends at rehearsals for a national tour of a well-known Broadway show. An instant sensation with the cast and crew, Tony was soon nicknamed, “Tony the Theatre Dog”. Kinnaird’s first adventure story was developed to educate children about the world of performing arts.
Before moving to New York City in 2006 to follow a dream of becoming a playwright and author, Kinnaird earned a B. A. in Communications/Public Relations and a degree in Writing for Performance and Theatre from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

He credits his parents, Leon and Clara Kinnaird, with always supporting his dreams and nurturing his imagination.


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Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

Tony the Theatre Dog: Puttin’ On a Show (1) by Glen C. Kinnaird

Tony the Theatre Dog: Puttin' On a Show

Tony the Theatre Dog is a new book series that takes young readers on a journey into the world of creating live theatre. With Tony as their guide, readers will meet different characters, explore locations and learn about different jobs that help to bring a show to life. No story is complete without conflict, so readers watch as Tony helps turn things around for the producer and cast when he inspires everyone to put their differences aside and work together. “Never underestimate the power of cheese”, says Tony.


Tony the Theatre Dog can be purchased at the website , on Amazon or on BookBaby

P.S. Glen C. Kinnaird’s next public book signing will be on November 24th at Little Professor Bookshop in Homewood, Alabama from 2 to 4 pm.



In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids,

  • You’ll be introduced to Glen Kinnaird, and his KidLit Tony The Theatre Dog
  • What’s the proper way of spelling “Theatre”?
  • Glen C. Kinnaird shares his inspiration to write this book after he adopted an eight-week-old puppy (rescued from a puppy mill) in the fall of 2008 and named him Tony.
  • How does Tony the theatre Dog helps young kids experience the world of theatre through a simple yet engaging story with gorgeous illustrations?
  • What’s next for Glen Kinnaird?


A big Thank you to Glen for doing this Interview! We’re so glad to bring this wonderful book to all our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of his books in the future!



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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Thursday!

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