Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies by Jonathan Rosen!

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Jonathan Rosen Discusses Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

Hello RWYK family! Today we’re ELATED to  feature author Jonathan Rosen and his debut middle grade novel, Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies. This spooky book is full of good humor for readers of all ages, but especially middle graders . The story is about a 12-year-old boy named Devin Dexter whose cousin thinks Devin’s new neighbour is a warlock!

In this interview, Jed chatted with Jonathan to talk about his book, How he came up with the idea for Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies, What inspires him to write for young readers, Take a peek inside his book & learn some interesting facts about his story. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!

Here’s more information about Jonathan Rosen

Jonathan RosenJonathan Rosen is a transplanted New Yorker, who now lives with his family in sunny, South Florida. He is also a teacher and freelance writer who spends his “free” time being a volunteer coach for his daughter’s softball team and a chauffeur for all of his kids. Some of Jonathan’s fondest childhood memories are of discovering a really good book to dive into. He currently writes middle-grade, because he finds that he shares the same sense of humor as that audience. Jonathan is proud to be of Mexican-American descent, although neither country has been willing to accept responsibility.

He contributes to From the Mixed Up Files…of MG Authors and Tuesday Writers. A sequel to Cuddle Bunnies, From Sunset Till Sunrise is now available as an e-book and will be released in print in August 2018 from Sky Pony Press.

More about Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

Twelve-year-old Devin Dexter has a problem. Well, actually, many of them. His cousin, Tommy, sees conspiracies behind every corner. And Tommy thinks Devin’s new neighbour, Herb, is a warlock . . . but nobody believes him. Even Devin’s skeptical. But soon strange things start happening. Things like the hot new Christmas toy, the Cuddle Bunny, coming to life.

That would be great, because, after all, who doesn’t love a cute bunny? But these aren’t the kind of bunnies you can cuddle with. These bunnies are dangerous. Devin and Tommy set out to prove Herb is a warlock and to stop the mob of bunnies, but will they have enough time before the whole town of Gravesend is overrun by the cutest little monsters ever? This is a very funny “scary” book for kids, in the same vein as the My Teacher books or Goosebumps.

In this episode

  • Jed reads out a chapter from Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies
  • Jonathan tells us more about about his book & his journey of becoming a children’s writer
  • What inspired him to write this story and the main characters?
  • What inspires him to write for middle graders
  • What’s next for Jonathan & much more… Tune in now to learn more about Jonathan & the Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies!

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