The Chuckle Wobbles by Prue McDonell: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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The Chuckle Wobbles by Prue McDonell: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Prue McDonell!

The Chuckle Wobbles is our latest Certified great Read!



The Chuckle Wobbles by Prue McDonellThe Chuckle Wobbles is a story about creating Moments of Happiness that we can draw upon when feeling anxious or sad.

Spinning in Dimensional Space is a happy planet called Mirth, home of the Chuckle Wobbles who are bright, bubbly and love to dance.

On another planet called Mopus, dwell the Doldrums who are sad, dreary and full of gloom.

The Chuckle Wobbles are the Keepers of a magical book which reveals sad and unhappy planets. When the book opens at Mopus, two Chuckle Wobbles, Giggle and Cackle decide to travel there and cheer up the Doldrums.

Arriving on Mopus they follow a path leading to Tricky Forest where they meet a Doldrum called Blubber. Frightened by the Chuckle Wobbles, he bursts into tears.

Giggle, who doesn’t like seeing anyone unhappy, talks to him. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship among Blubber and the Chuckle Wobbles.

Together, the three of them go on a journey, leading to a Temple inside Bamboozle Woods where only those with happiness in their hearts can enter.

The temple holds many secrets that need to be uncovered and solved before Mopus can become a Happy Planet.

One secret is a riddle embedded in stone which needs to be unraveled. Can Giggle solve this mysterious puzzle, necessary to release happiness in the hearts of the Doldrums.

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About the Author

Prudence Felicity McDonell comes from the small village of Robertson in the beautiful Southern Highlands in NSW, Australia. Her background is steeped in spirituality and she began writing children’s books that reflected her inner growth, resulting in a collection of writings that explored themes such as who am I, what is my purpose. Prue was also a teacher and her time spent with young children, influenced her to produce books that would encourage children to discover their own potential. Nature is an intrinsic part of Prue’s books. She uses it to enhance children’s awareness of their environment and the importance of taking care of it.




The Chuckle Wobbles is an amazing children’s book with an inspiring, positive message. Prue McDonell teaches kids how to cultivate Moments of Happiness that we may access when we’re feeling stressed or depressed. The book follows The Chuckle Wobbles, a cheery species that live on the planet Mirth, which is spinning in dimensional space. They have an upbeat, bubbly personality and love to dance. They have the ability to enter a book called Portals to Other Planets and travel to unhappy planets in order to lift their spirits.

Giggle and Cackle, two Chuckle Wobbles on a new mission, head to the planet Mopus to assist the Doldrums in finding happiness, but instead they encounter a species that rejoices in misery and is resistant to change. Giggle and Cackle decide to remain anonymous due to Chuckle Wobbles’ unpleasant past with the planet. With the help of their new Doldrum friend Blubber, they learn more about Mopus. Together, they discover the enchanted “Bamboozle Woods,” the enigmatic “Red Door,” and an entity known as the Watcher who turns out to be an important character in their quest. They also devour a Cranky Chocolate Cake and feel unhappiness for the first time. Cackle and Blubber then chase after and save a floating Giggle after her delight sends her flying. They come to understand that even the most gloomy creatures contain happiness in their hearts. They share with Doldrums the wisdom of the decisions they have made, decisions that have brought them immense joy and happiness. And the Doldrums come to the conclusion that happiness may not be as bad for them as they had thought.

The plot moves seamlessly from one scene to the next. Prue McDonell’s clever text and Kantor’s whimsical, beautiful illustrations work together to promote the joy of creating Moments of Happiness and the thrill of trying new things. The adorable creatures’ many behaviors will keep young readers turning pages and add to the story.


Final Verdict

The idea that happiness is a personal pursuit is explored in The Chuckle Wobbles. However, when overcome with sadness, this emotion is frequently hard to locate. The book reaffirms how powerless and lost we might sometimes feel while unhappy. And by concentrating on happy moments, we may empower ourselves.

It is a delightful fantasy story for young readers that follows two happy creatures with unique personalities on an illuminating journey and has excellent artwork and a heartwarming message. Exploring the loving relationship between people from two different planets, this beautifully designed picture book is certain to become a bedtime favorite.




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