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Meet Children’s Author, Nita Ganguly!

Children of today will inherit a planet that isn’t very healthy!

Hello everyone! It’s not new information that our oceans are full of garbage. While there are no current figures of exactly how much garbage is in there, the National Academy of Sciences estimated in 1975 that around 14 billion pounds of garbage are added each year. We can no longer view our planet’s resources as inexhaustible. We must be educated and aware of our impact on its atmosphere, fresh water, soils, forests, and oceans.

Today, we’re so happy to introduce you to an author who is here to create awareness of environmental issues and urges Parents & kids to lead an environment friendly life. Please welcome Nita Ganguly, author of two wonderful & educational children’s book Polytrap and Hello Earth…Here We Come!

Here’s more information about Nita Ganguly

Nita Ganguly has been an educator for over twenty-four years, teaching in the best schools of Pune and Delhi. She has taught Biology for ten years and was also Head of the Department of Environmental Science at Sanskriti School, Delhi. She has also been the Headmistress of Army Public Schools at Roorkee and Lucknow. Ms Ganguly holds triple masters’ degrees in Education, Zoology and Ecology & Environmental Sciences. She is an Environmentalist, who has been trained by Noble Prize winner Al Gore and is a “Climate Leader” and Mentor for TCRP (The Climate Reality Project). At present, she is a freelancer who conducts pedagogy and environmental workshops and authors children’s books.

Ms Ganguly has also won several national and state awards. She is a national winner of the Best Teachers’ for Excellence in Education in 2004 and the Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010 in ‘Innovative Teaching Practices’. She has also played a vital role in several educational and environmental projects undertaken by the Department of Environment, Government of Delhi.

More about Polytrap & Hello Earth… Here We Come


The world’s seas and oceans are home to numerous life forms. These life forms swim, float, jump or crawl in the world oceans freely. Humans however continue to put the lives of the sea creatures at risk in one way or the other. Join Wiley and his Mummy as they tell you about one of the man-made hazards that leaves the sea creatures gasping for breath and a possible way to let the creatures live freely.

Hello Earth… Here We Come

Planet Earth is our only home. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of waste that has endangered our environment. Today, however, we have one last chance to protect our planet before it is too late. Meet Ali and Een, two friends who visit Earth and encourage people to inculcate the habit of recycling and to do much more to preserve this amazing planet.

In this interview, Nita discusses Polytrap & Hello Earth…Here we Come,  explains how plastic pollution impacts virtually every living organism in, or thriving off of, the oceans of our world and urges everyone to stop turning a blind eye to the issue and make the necessary lifestyle changes. Listen as Nita also talks about her upcoming books & shares some well researched facts with us. Happy Listening!

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To learn more about Nita Ganguly

Visit rupapublications.co.in/authors/nita-ganguly/

Amazon: www.amazon.in/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1?ie=UTF8&field-author=Nita+Ganguly&search-alias=stripbooks



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