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Meet Jen Milius & the Einstein and Moo!!!

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, we get to introduce two fun cats Einstein & Moo book series written by children’s author Jennifer Milius.  Jen is joining us to to talk about her fun book series and to introduce us to the two main characters and real life kitties in her books – Einstein and Moo! We are sure you would love getting to know Jennifer Milius and Einsten and Moo. Tune in to join their adventure!

Here’s more information about Jennifer Milius

Jen Milius is a storyteller and people whisperer. She is an author, motivational speaker, and career and leadership coach. Jen has enjoyed writing and reading since she was a young girl, leading her to earn an undergraduate degree in Communications. Her career path has involved intense management skills such as public relations, project management, organisation development and continuous improvement, but it was her love for storytelling, animals and helping people, especially young people, that inspired her to write about her two adorable cats, Einstein and Moo. Einstein and the Leaf is the first of six books in the Einstein and Moo series. There is also an activity book based on the series.

As a speaker and coach, Jen believes that each of us have something special to offer, but sometimes it takes a leap of faith to be willing to share that gift. Jen believes when people are doing what they love, there is a joy that they radiate. They feel empowered and confident that what they are doing adds value. These individuals are more productive, and their joy comes through in their personal lives as well as in business. Jen’s goals are to help motivated individuals recognize and communicate their talents to confidently stand out in their careers and to leave a positive, lasting influence that encourages people to be the best they can be. Jen enjoys spending time with family, yoga, cooking, baking, and listening to music.

More about Einstein & Moo and the Unexpected Visitor

The Einstein and Moo Series is about two black-and-white, brother and sister kitties who are playful, curious, friendly, and have many interesting adventures. Einstein & Moo and the Unexpected Visitor is the sixth book in the Einstein and Moo series and is about a perfect day when something different inside the house catches Einstein and Moo’s attention. Although each kitty has their own way of investigating, they are hopeful they found a friend. Read on to find out what Einstein and Moo discover…

If you haven’t already done so, check out this podcast episode with Jen Milius as she discusses Einstein & Moo and the Unexpected Visitor, What inspired her to write these stories & encourages parents to spend more and more time reading with their kids & more.

A big thank you to Jennifer Milius for joining us and a big thank you to all of you for tuning in!

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Finally, where can we find Jennifer?

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