Welcome to the Gangster School!

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Meet the Author: Katherine Wiseman

It’s time to feature another interview with a debut author on Reading with your kids podcast! In this episode, we are pleased to be joined by Katherine Wiseman, author of a new children’s book Gangster School. 

We loved interviewing Kate because it was such a great opportunity to hear how she reached her dream of becoming a children’s author which can be a really great resource for new writers because you get to hear from a successful writer on what worked or didn’t work throughout the publication process. In this interview, Kate talks about Gangster school, Shares her path to publishing and how her book is only available in German at the moment. Be sure to listen to this episode to find out when can you expect Gangster School to be available in English & other fun facts!

Here’s more information about Katherine Wiseman

Kate grew up in Oxford and lived in lots of interesting places before settling in Saffron Walden, Essex, with her husband and son. She has worked in schools and libraries and went to university quite late, either because she was too busy or because she was scared, depending on how honest she is feeling.

Her achievements include:
* Having a tarantula named after her.
* Winning a prize in a Halloween fancy dress competition when she was wearing normal clothes, and hadn’t entered, anyway.
* Fainting on an Oscar-winning film director in a theatre.

She loves cats and buying clothes in charity shops, which might account for the Halloween prize. Her pet hates are sultanas and raisins. She is an animal lover and a vegetarian and her ambitions are to carry on writing and never to grow up too much.

More about Gangster School

Welcome to the craziest school in the world!

Blaggards is not a school like any other: Here the offspring of the most infamous criminals are trained in theft, falsification and dizziness, one day to follow in the footsteps of their parents. But the new arrivals Milly and Charlie are different.They do not want to be angry. So they are doing everything they can to prevent the criminal activity at school – just how can one at the same time make all the maths that one wants to become the most brilliant gangster ever? And it gets even worse when the dark Superschurkin Pecunia Badpenny to the great blow out. Because Milly and Charlie are the only ones who can prevent this …

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Finally, where can we find Kate?

Visit her website: www.katewiseman.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/katherine.blackmore

Twitter: @KateWiseman

Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Kate-Wiseman/e/B071ZVHM8W/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1



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